Nettie is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A maiden working at Arsmith's Alehouse. She is a positive girl with a passion for business."

Nettie was born in the north and traveled to Gran Soren in search of her "lout of a husband." and claims that the "bastard ran out" on her.



  • "Welcome to Arsmith's alehouse, friend!"
  • "There's a way about your kind that's common to all, honest men or no. A certain air, eh? That glint in your eye what says, 'Leave it to me!'"
  • "But speak of the northlands... I hear Ser Mercedes has come to Gran Soren. Last daughter of the Lord of Hearthstone, that one. About my age, as I recall..."
  • "His Grace has been through a procession of wives by now. But still, no heir though."
  • "There's rumors about say that His Grace's steel is not up to the task. How do you fancy that? A man can stab a dragon dead but can't manage his wife abed!" (laughs)
  • "You're an Arisen, yes?  I've a sense for these things."
  • "We've seen our share of Arisen come through, I can tell you."
  • "Most were good, honest folk!  I think the rest ran off without paying!" (laughs)


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