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Nation of the Lambent Flame is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"The false Arisen displayed the power to control pawns at the coronation-- a power Brant believes to be derived from the godsway. Make for Battahl and learn more of this artifact."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Given a destination to visit in Battahl.
DDCHECKBOX Spoke with Ser Menella.


[1] Quest takes place after completing Feast of Deception. Speak with Brant at the The Stardrop Inn to begin the quest.

Tip: It is recommended to have the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds and A Case of Sculptor's Block quests active before before moving on to step 2. Reference the quests themselves for a more details.

[2] It is now time to travel to the region of Battahl. Start by visiting the North Vernworth Oxcart Station in Vernworth and traveling by oxcart to Checkpoint Rest Town. Once there, the Arisen will be stopped by Gordon at the border. A short cutscene will take place, then Gordon will require a permit to allow passage. A Border Entry Permit or a Beastren Entry Border Permit are acceptable documents. Present either one to pass.

Tip: This is also a good opportunity to also achieve the achievement/trophy I'm In. See article for further information.

[3] Start traveling southward toward Bakbattahl, eventually an automatic cutscene will take place between the Arisen and the Pathfinder. Afterword, continue traveling south. Upon reaching Bakbattahl the Arisen will be stopped by Menella near a tavern [[just outside of the town. Follow Mandella into The Rockmouse's Burrow. Speak with her and agree to help her to completed the quest.


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