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Nameless Falls is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Nameless Falls is a waterfall on the river flowing from the Prayer Falls down to the bridge and sea near Gran Soren

Above the Nameless Falls, the Deos Hills meets the river at a shallow beach- here are several basks of Sulfur Saurians by day, replaced by a Wight at night.


There are fish pools in the river above the falls - two near the falls usually give a Fishing Bob. Another, a little further upstream by the northern bank of a river, above the falls, will reliably yield a Snakeskin Purses.

Between said Fish pool and the waterfall lies a Weapon Pile that may yield a Shackle, Cloudwine, Skull, Absorbent Rag, Small Coin Pouch, or Rusted Sword or very rarely a Broadsword; however by night it commonly gives a Rusted Longbow or Rusted Magick Shield or more rarely Iron Boots.



  • The falls are on the boundary between the Cursewood (westward) and Deos Hills (eastward).
  • The sloping ground on the north side at the top of the falls is inhabited by a Wight by night.