Mountebank is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The owner of the shady shop in Gran Soren called 'The Black Cat'. He is especially skilled in making forgeries that are near perfect."

Mountebank is almost always found at his store, The Black Cat, in the Venery district of Gran Soren.

In the Post-Game (after the events of The Final Battle), he can be found behind Arsmith's Alehouse.


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The Black Cat acts not only as a shop for items such as Ferrystones and the Set of Lady's Garb; he also sells lost or discarded quest items items and may make forged copies of many items. In New Game Plus he also sells Portcrystals.



  • "You've good eyes. Clear. Truth be told, I'm envious."
  • "I'll not beat round the bush"
  • "Hoy, there...Quite the pretty little item you have there, friend."
  • "Sure my stock may not be the prettiest in the city...But I deal in treasures no one else will. Best give my shelves a close look."
  • "The duke's gone well and truly mad with this business of researching the dragon. Sure, there are writings of the sort left in ruins and the like. But who's to say who wrote them, or for what purpose? The most of them are fiction and fancy, pure and simple. Some self-important bastard with a bit of learning strings together a few lines, and there's your precious text. A piece of friendly advice? Forget the duke and bring any text of that sort to private collectors. You'll be far better rewarded that way, mark my words."

After defeating Grigori

  • "Seen the city, friend? Quite the happening! 'Tis proof beyond question the duke's failed to protect Gran Soren and her people."


  • Caution! Items left with Mountebank for forging at the end of the main quest will not carry over into New Game Plus, and will be lost.


  • Mountebank's name is obviously a reference to the antiquated term mountebank, meaning a charlatan or otherwise untrustworthy person.


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