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Morbidity is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Increases cumulative damage to foes you debilitate with non-Archmagick attacks."
(Japanese) 主要五属性魔法以外の状態異常攻撃を加えた時、相手の蓄積値が増加する

Morbidity increases the (cumulative) likelihood to inflict a debilitation with a many types of attack - the 'likelihood' of debilitating with weapons increases by 1.3 times.

Works with Rusted Weapons, Golden Weapons, Aneled Weapons, special arrows etc. Special melee weapons that may also cause debilitations (such as the Dragon's Roost) also benefit.

The augment also works with magick attacks that can inflict non-elemental debilitations, so for example includes enhanced golden and aneled staffs used to inflict silence or blind with Magick Bolt; as well as the infliction of poison with miasma.


  • Seems not to have an effect on debilitation with thrown items such as skulls.
  • Debilitating skills such as Plegic Arrow also benefit.
  • Also works with staffs and archistaffs, but only when inflicting non-archmagick debilitations - thus golden and aneled weapons benefit, but not fire enchated ones.
  • In addition to augment, the higher a debilitating weapon is enhanced, the higher chance it will debilitate with each strike.
  • The effect is unnoticeable on creatures that are normally easily debilitated (3 or 4 arrows). Against larger monsters with higher resistance the improvement becomes more apparent.
  • Does not increase damage output.
  • Magnitude works only with debilitating spells, such as Sopor , whilst Toxicity acts in a similar way to Morbidity but only for poisoning. Resistance and Intervention are corresponding augments that defend against debilitation. All have similarly confusing descriptions.
    • Some debilitating spells benefit from both Morbidity and Magnitude (and Miasma benefits from Toxicity as well)
  • Note The English description is confusing or misleading; the skill increases the likelihood of inflicting a debilitation (e.g. torpor, sleep etc.), with a non-magick attack - i.e. with a physical weapon or arrow attack.
    • The 'cumulative' refers to a cumulatively calculated debilitation threshold. The 'likehood' of debilitation is not truly random, but occurs after a certain number of strikes.