Moldy Twigbean is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A Twigbean about to turn foul. Consume it to recover a bit of health at the cost of some stamina"

Restores 200 Health but also drains 200 Stamina. After two or three days in the inventory it degrades into Rotten Twigbean.

Can be found abandoned across Gransys, or in some gather spots.


Component to

Item Item Product
Moldy Twigbean + Airtight Flask = Kept Moldy Twigbean


  • These and Small Nuts have the best health restoration per pound of any buyable single target curative at 5000 health per pound. - the cost per unit of nutrition is very good if bought as Twigbean and left to mature. For more information see List of Health and Stamina Curatives.


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