"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Mirabelle is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Mirabelle is handmaiden to the lady Aelinore, both originally from Meloire. She is kind and caring, and most concerned with Aelinore's well-being.

With the Arisen she speaks little of herself, but acts as an intermediary, and possibly instigator of a clandestine meeting between them and the Duchess.

Later when Duke Edmun banishes Aelinore to The Blighted Manse, Mirabelle seeks the Arisen's help in rescuing her. Once led to safety via the Manse's back passage, she and Aelinore return to Meloire.



"'Mirabelle had been raised to be polite and courteous and she quickly grew to be an excellent lady-in-waiting, responsible for managing everything that happened around Aelinore. While Mirabelle and Aelinore maintained a strict formal relationship in front of others, the act was dropped in private and they remained the closest of friends.
Sometimes Mirabelle gently chastised Aelinore for her childish words or actions. However, Mirabelle still trusted Aelinore more than anyone else in the world. And when Aelinore was first told of her intended marriage to Duke Edmun, ruler of all Gransys, the first person went to for advice was Mirabelle.
Of course, Mirabelle could not let Aelinore go off to a foreign land all alone. Mirabelle therefore decided she would go with Aelinore to Gransys. Aelinore had hoped for the same thing.'"
―Mirabelle's Tale.[1]


During Come to Court

  • "Greetings to you, Arisen. Have you met with my mistr... the Duchess Aelinore?"
  • "Such a beauty, oui? Even back in Meloire's court, she was famed for her fair looks. I've had the privilege of tending to her since she was but a child, and still I fawn over her as if she were my own blood."
  • "And now, to see the child I hold so long close gone and wed in such a foreign land... Ought to have been a grand wedding too, I should think. A feast, if nothing else. But with the dragon come, 'tis not the time for such revels... Truly, the mistress has e'er been an unlucky child!"



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