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Milberowe is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A woman working the streets down in the Venery of Gran Soren. The coming of the dragon has sapped her of her will to take chances on what she wants."

Milberowe can be found within the Venery by night. After its destruction she moves to the Urban Quarter.



  • "Trade your pawns in for a real woman lovely. I'll teach you things no puppet ever could."
  • "Hard work, too, for all the lying around. I won't say I didn't enjoy it, though."
  • "Day in and day out if naught but in and out and in and out...felt like time stopped moving, and not in the hopes a girl likes mind."
  • "Each day, same as the last. Knowing the next would be no different, nor any after... It's like I was caught on some endless spinning wheel. Always turning, never going anyplace."
  • "I daresay I expected a bit more, end of the world an all. Folk disappearing and such... Ah well, a girl in my trade's used to disappointment."


  • Many of her quotes suggest that she is a prostitute; especially when the Arisen first enters Gran Soren.