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Mighty Bend is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Full Bend that requires less time to nock the arrow, enabling faster successive firing."

An advanced version of Full Bend. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Terrible Bend with the Bowman's Ring equipped.


Skill Charge
Power †
Full Bend ~3s ~2x
Mighty Bend 2s ~2.25x
Terrible Bend ~1.5s ~2.5x
† Relative to Loose
  • All the Bend skills share high attack power, a much straighter trajectory than other shortbow attacks, and good knockback output.
  • Though lacking the damage output of multi-arrow skills vs. lesser foes, the bend skills have high power, and will break a foe's defense when other bow attacks fail. As such they are useful when facing creatures with high physical defense.
  • Mighty Bend is effective at breaking the guard of certain enemies, such as Ogres and Saurians.
  • Attack power (and damage) increases at around double (with Strength) than that of the core skill Loose, and additional has much higher core power. The higher tiers show improved scaling and increased power.
  • Unlike other shortbow skills Terrible Bend maintains its full power at all distances.
    • Only at extreme range does the core skill power drop off whilst the contribution from strength is unchanged. However at these extreme ranges an enemy is certain to be caught unawares and so will usually take double damage.
    • The lower tier skills act like other shortbow attacks - increasing in power as the target becomes closer.
  • The arrow of Terrible Bend travels twice as fast as the ones from Mighty Bend.
  • Pawns show a strong preference to use this skill over other choices when faced with Goblins and Hobgoblins
  • Of all the Strider bow skills only Splinter Dart approaches the power of the Bend skills - it can have much higher damage output due to it's wide blast area, but is more situational.
  • The nearest Ranger equivalent skill is Deathly Arrow with high power and knockback - unlike this skill the Strider skills do not require good timing of release to maximise damage.