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Merrick is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A citizen of Gran Soren. He used to work at the Great Library until he had a falling out with the head librarian."

Merrick can be found browsing the market stalls in Gran Soren’s Urban Quarter after noon.



  • "I finally secure passage from the mainland, only to learn we're under siege from a dragon. If not for ill luck, I would truly possess none at all."
  • "I made for the mainland to avail myself of the Great Library.  It's the finest collection of letters in all the land."
  • "Though I oft lose myself in books, my journey was no holiday."
  • "My master tasked me with the investigation of rare and valuable crops, that we might gain sway over other merchants."
  • "I return here to find my master fled, and all people cowering in the shadow of the wyrm."
  • "I'm unsure what path to follow from here, truth be told..."

After defeating The Dragon

  • "My master remains missing... With him absent, I find myself yet adrift, without purpose..."