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Merin is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fisherman from Cassardis. He lost his brother in the dragon's attack on the village."

Merin survives the initial attack by the Dragon during the quest Harbinger of Destruction unharmed and resumes his normal life with the rest of the village. He is friends with Valmiro, and grows concerned for him when Valmiro goes on his expeditions.

Merin lives with Mayra and Lewes in the two story Fisherman's House in Cassardis, just north of the Arisen's house. He can also be found on the beach area by day and inside Inez's Alehouse at the evening.




  • "Any case, you're the talk of the tavern, cousin. Way folks carry on, you walk on water and you shoot fire from your arse!"
  • "Ho, I trust you paid that old lizard back for his work on our pier!? And then some, eh? Haw haw!"
  • "My wife would crack me with the cookpot if she heard I harbored thoughts of flight."
  • "Trusted you to the end, my wife did. She found her faith that you would win the day."
  • "I guess the old girl can be right once in a while, eh? Haw haw!"