Meridith is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"An assistant at the Gran Soren Union Inn. He knows much of the goings-on within Gran Soren and also has ties to Mason."

Not much is known about Meridith, only that he can normally be found at the desk next to the notice board in the Inn, or at a table near the back. In the quest Seeking Salvation, he can be asked for information about the cult. He moves to the 'Refuge Area' in the Craftsman's Quarter after The Final Battle.



  • "Taking orders straight from the Captain of the Hunt, are you? Then you're a proper Arisen, eh? Serving the people and all that."
  • "We've seen a fair number of Arisen here, you see. Some were good enough folk, but others just laid about all day, swilling ale."
  • "Most folk think of the Arisen appearing in times of war. Or when there's a dragon about, like now, I suppose..."
  • "Arisen come even in times of peace, or so I hear it told. Seems once the pawns say a fellow's an Arisen, it's so. But what measure do they use to judge by, I wonder?"