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A guard from Meloire for Aelinore's escort in the quest Duchess In Distress.

Meloire is a location mentioned in Dragon's Dogma.


Meloire is a kingdom or duchy neighboring Gransys. It is ruled by the Lord of House of Biquard and home of Lady Aelinore, where she is part of the noble houses.

Together with Gransys, Hearthstone and Voldoa, the country is part of an allied pact made from an undisclosed amount of countries to provide help whenever a dragon attacks.

Meloire is known for its steel, which is darker and duller in color to normal bright steel.

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  • Feste, a child of farmers, originates from Meloire.
  • Much of what is known of Meloire comes from "Aelinore's Tale", the biography of Aelinore.

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