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Maximilian Eizenstern is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A commander of the duke's troops. He is in charge of the Wyrm Hunt. Though he is young, he is a talented man and is whole-heartedly devoted to his liege."

Ser Maximilian Einzenstern is one of the duke's commanders, and the leader of the Wyrm Hunt. Maximilian is not a mover or a shaker in the noble society of Gran Soren. Though he comes from a good house, he's more interested in making sure that the duke's endeavors succeed.


Ser Maximilian can usually be found in the Noble Quarter in Gran Soren, near the castle gate leading to the Duke's Demesne.


Ser Maximilian is entrusted with assigning the Arisen the Wyrm Hunt Quests, which are:

After the Arisen is admitted to the Royal court (Come to Court) he will seek the Arisen's aid in further investigating the cult Salvation in the quest Rise of the Fallen.

Maximillian also has an escort quest, The Mock March.


  • "Those who bear the title of the Arisen carry a heavy burden, regardless of their choosing. I pray you have the resolve to see it through, ser."
  • "These years since I first came into the service of the duke, I have ever studied arms and the art of combat in preparation for what may come. Though I wish war could be avoided outright, I am eager now to be of use to the people of Gransys. Death in service of the duke is both the honor and the duty of all who bear arms in his name. May we both live to serve him well."


  • Ser Maximilian enjoys receiving quills as a gift. Although they are somewhat rare; they can easily be duplicated at The Black Cat for 562 Gold.
  • During the Wyrm Hunt quests, Ser Maximilian cannot be given gifts. After the completion of these quests he will again accept gifts.
  • Maximillian's dialogue during A Warm Welcome will vary depending on the affinity you have with him.
    • (with High affinity ) : "Arisen... Ser, how could you?! I cannot think you entirely innocent of what has happened, nor do I doubt His Grace's words... Yet... I also cannot think you an enemy to the people of Gransys. Alas, I am duty-bound to follow what orders I am given, ser. Pray, forgive me. His Grace commands the Arisen's capture, men!"
  • (Glitch) During the quest A Warm Welcome he is at your House in Cassardis if he becomes the Arisen's beloved - despite this his dialogue and subtitles will still be present in a cutscene during the quest.(verify)