Maurin is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A courier from Gran Soren. He has traveled to the far reaches of the peninsula."

Maurin can be found during the day throughout the Urban Quarter, including at The Black Cat and Caxton's Armory - he jogs around as befits a courier. He can also be occasionally found in the Fields, close to the northwesternmost gate.



  • "I've not always been the old man you see before you. I was once hailed as the greatest messenger in all Gransys. They named me Maurin the Quick, and sang of my deeds in every keep and alehouse."

During The Cypher

  • "'Dragon,' 'heart,' and 'scar,' is it? Hmm... Does it aught to do with that drawing? The Figure of Hillfigure Knoll. You know it, aye? The man drawn upon the hill north of the capital. He bears a scar across the heart. Or the chest, at least."

On the The Blighted Manse

  • "Time was I could run here to the manse and back in a single sun. But age has settled in my bones, and such days are long behind me."
  • "Time was, the duke would hold the most fantastic balls at the manse... But that was back when His Grace was...of a healthier temperament. Time works a cruel magick on even the greatest of us, eh?"
  • "There was even a time, you know, I spent my nights at the manse, stealing kisses from a nobleman's daughter. There's a secret corridor to the place, you see. Just the thing for late-night mischief."