Master Thief is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma. Used to steal items from monsters and other creatures.

This page lists obtainable items through use of this skill.

Generally enemies need to be grappled, asleep, or blinded for a successful item grab. Some lesser and non-hostile creatures can be pilfered from without being debilitated or grappled.



Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Giant Bats Large Nut, Nostalgia Dust, Small Nut Vigilite
Boar Apple, Backfat Oil, Carrot, TwigbeanGrandgrapes Harspud MilkHarspud JuicePumpkin
Deer Berry, Carrot, Greenwarish, Large Nut, Mithridate, Potent Greenwarish, TwigbeanSmall Nut Peppermint Seed
Oxen Greenwarish, Potent Greenwarish, Shackle, Strongwarish Dose of Strength, Font of Vigor, Isometricine
Rabbit Apple, Berry, Carrot, Greenwarish Potent Greenwarish, Strongwarish
Giant Rat Rock, Rotten Egg, Small Rank FishSmall NutLarge Nut Goldbean Grind, Silverwheat Paste
Snake Egg, Rotten Egg Golden Egg
Spiders Cedar Branch, Pine Branch, Small Nut Bottled Haste

It is probably impossible to steal from Birds, Crows, and Seabirds.


Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Soldier (Road patrol) Gold (100-1000), Flask of Oil, Interventive, Royal Banner
Soldier (Gran Soren) Conqueror's Periapt, Veteran's Periapt During Post-Game
Soldier (Encampment) Jewel of Health, Iridescent Talisman, Throwblast, Sobering Wine Bandit's Mask, Adventurer's Cloak Only the Soldiers fighting the Cyclops during Call of the Arisen can be stolen from.
Soldier (Shadow Fort) Jewel of Health, Angel's Periapt Ring of Purpure, Veteran's Periapt, Adventurer's Cloak, Ring of Gules, Banker's Periapt Can be stolen from after The Shadow Fort has been retaken.
Enlistment Corps Angel's Periapt, Jewel of Health Banker's Periapt, Ring of Azure, Adventurer's Cloak This refers to Mercedes Marten and the two members of the corps waiting by the Mountain Waycastle prior to it's opening during Off With Its Head.
Bandit Angel's Periapt, Bandit's Mask, Banker's Periapt, Iridescent Talisman, Jewel of HealthAdventurer's Cloak, Pickled Mushrooms, Throwblast, Shackle, Desiccated Herbs Silver Ring, Stone-Moss Poultice, Sobering Wine Item may depend on the Bandit's vocation
Salomet Jewel of Darkness, Mage's Talisman, Vigor Extract, Foreign Knife May only be stolen from at the battle in The Ancient Quarry during The Wyrmking's Ring
Salvation Member Balmy Perfume, Decoction of Bandlily, Jewel of Toxicity, Mage's Periapt, Rousing Perfume, Veteran's Periapt Salomet's Secret

Wandering Pawns

  • Stolen items will be related to the Wandering Pawn's Vocation.
  • Exploit You can steal items from the same Pawn indefinitely by moving away from the Pawn until they are no longer in sight, waiting a few seconds, then approaching again — or by setting up a portcrystal nearby and teleporting to it.
Pawn Vocation Common item Rare item Notes
Sorcerer Vigor Extract, Jewel of Darkness, Foreign Knife Banker's Periapt, Veteran's Periapt, Ring of Sable, Kunai, Ebon Neck Wrap
Strider Pickled Mushrooms, Iridescent Talisman, Bandit's Mask Throwblast, Shackle, Veteran's Periapt, Sobering Wine
Fighter Angel's Periapt, Adventurer's Cloak, Jewel of Health Ring of Purpure, Ring of Azure, Ring of Gules, Veteran's Periapt
Mage Balmy Perfume, Mage's Periapt, Decoction of Bandlily Jewel of Toxicity, Jewel of Darkness, Veteran's Periapt, Salomet's Secret
Warrior Kept Ambrosial Meat, Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat Gryphic Gold
Ranger Staminal Drench, Salubrious Brew, Rousing Incense Harspud Sauce, Liquid Vim, Mushroom Potage, Sobering Wine, Veteran's Periapt

Hostile Creatures

Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Chimera Detoxicating Powder, Freakish Scale, Peppermint Seed, Jewel of Vicissitude, Tagilus's Miracle Freakish Mane, Ring of Azure, Ring of Gules, Ring of Purpure Up to six items
Gorechimera Black Freakish Scale, Font of Constitution, Steel Nut Salve, Peppermint Seed Ring of Azure, Ring of Gules, Ring of Purpure, Tagilus's Miracle,

Black Freakish Mane(verify)

Up to six items
Cockatrice Cockatrice Liquor, Jewel of Petrifaction, Panacea, Slick Black Pinion Dignified Earring, Ferrystone, Mushroom Potage, Sobering Wine Up to six items
Cyclops Beast-Steak, Salubrious Brew, Vigor Extract, Staminal Drench Liquid Vim, Mushroom Potage, Tagilus's Miracle, Cyclops Veil Up to six items
Ogre Beast-Steak, Ogre Bone, Grandgrapes, Vigor Extract Silk Lingerie, Giant Fish, Pumpkin, Golden Egg Up to four items
Goblin Absorbent Rag, Goblin Horn, Hunk of Ore, Wormwood Sap, Desiccated Herbs, Pickled Mushrooms Harspud Milk, Rotten Egg
Hobgoblin Curious Wine, Iron Blade Piece, Slate-Colored Horn Cloudwine, Eyedropper, Harspud Juice, Stone-Moss Poultice
Grimgoblin Ebon Blade Piece, Night Terror's Horn, Blood Decanter, Peppermint Seed, Harspud Sauce Liquid Vim, Foreign Medicament
Harpy Harpy Pinion, Light-Cure, Peppermint Seed, Harpy Rectrix, Jewel of Vicissitude Gryphic Cloak, Harpy Cloak, Mage's Talisman, Silk Lingerie
Snow Harpy Glacial Rectrix, Light-Cure, Peppermint Seed, Glacial Pinion Harpy Cloak, Ring of Azure, Silk Lingerie, Gryphic Cloak
Succubus Dose of Strength, Light-Cure, Purifying Brew, Sinistone, Jewel of Sleep, Ferrystone Forgery Ferrystone, Silk Lingerie
Gargoyle Secret Softener, Jewel of Petrifaction, Petrifactor, Silver Ore Copper Ore, Fuligin Ore
Saurian Clean Cloth, Detoxicating Powder, Fisheye Stone, Large Fish, Poison Flask, Poison Sac Serenity Extract, Steel Nut Salve
Sulfur Saurian Yellow Poison Sac, Bottled Haste, Large Fish, Serenity Extract, Fisheye Stone, Stone-Moss Poultice Panacea, Steel Nut Salve
Geo Saurian Font of Constitution, Incarnadine Scale, Serenity Extract, Smother Sap, Acid Sac, Fisheye Stone, Steel Nut Salve
Saurian Sage Purpure Crystal, Argentine Sac, Isometricine, Fisheye Stone, Panacea, Steel Nut Salve, Serenity Extract
Skeleton Craft Bone, Scrap Iron, Serenity Extract, Angel's Periapt Bone Plate Armor, Interventive, Foreign Knife, Light-Cure
Skeleton Knight Conqueror's Periapt, Hard Bone, Light-Cure, Scrap Iron, Vigor Extract, Dark Peridot Bone Plate Armor, Bone Armor
Skeleton Lord Fell-Lord's Bone, Lordly Emblem, Conqueror's Periapt, Angel's Periapt
Skeleton Mage Agate, Decaying Grimoire, Mage's Periapt, Torn Grimoire Appendix, Mage's Talisman, Silverwheat Paste, Torn Grimoire Preface, Mandrake, Conqueror's Periapt, Goldbean Grind Aside from being grappled, stealing when they cast works, but only with certain, glitched groups, and for a limited time. Indicated by them being available for pick up.
Skeleton Sorcerer Mage's Talisman, Pigeon's Blood, Forgotten Arcanum, Mage's Periapt, Ancient Scroll, The Sundering Spear Tome Winter's Path Tome, Fulgurous Lord Tome
Undead (Villager) Absorbent Rag, Hoe, Putrid Gold Tooth, Shroud, Smother Sap, Putrid Gold Tooth, Interventive IsometricineScythe
Undead Warrior Aged Insignia, Interventive, Rusted Plate, Smother SapAbsorbent Rag Serenity ExtractVigor ExtractTagilus's Miracle
Stout Undead Necrophagous Loin, Smother Sap, Interventive Isometricine, Iridescent TalismanLiquid VimJewel of Sleep
Giant Undead Brawn Runes, Hex Runes, Interventive, Shackle, Large Mushroom, Smother Sap Salubrious Brew, Liquid Vim
Wolf Hemp, Light-Cure, Scrag of Beast, Wool Cloth, Vigor Extract Lupine Veil, Silk, Tagilus's Miracle
Direwolf Scrag of Beast, Vigor Extract, Direwolf Cape, Wool Cloth Argence, Silk, Tagilus's Miracle
Hellhound Ember Crystal, Scrag of Beast, Vigor Extract, Wool Cloth, Silk Tagilus's Miracle, Argence, Feral Cape

It is impossible to steal from Evil Eyes, Vile Eyes, Golems, Metal Golems, Griffins, Liches, Wights, Ghosts, Dragonkin, Hydras and Archydras.

Bitterblack Isle

Creature Common item Rare item Notes
Poisoned Undead Rotten Baneflesh, Fetid Gallstone, Coin Pouch Large Coin Pouch, Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat Pilferable when emerging from the ground. Requires approach from behind.
Banshee Banshee Locks, Banshee Larynx, Argence, Throat Drops, Large Coin Pouch Tuft of Hair
Corrupted Pawn Bloodstained Periapt, Sullied Rift Fragment Idol of the All-Mother
Elder Ogre Elder Ogre FangElder Ogre ClawPoxy Flesh Bitterblack Gear Lv.2, Ambrosial Meat Up to four items
Garm Sinister HideSinister FangBeastial EyeBitterblack Novelty Lv.2 Up to four items
Giant Geo Saurian Ironblack PeltLizard HornLarge Fisheye Stone, Beast-SteakFuligin Ore Sour Beast-Steak
Giant Saurian Lizardscale PeltLizard HornLarge Fisheye Stone, Giant FishLarge Fish Giant Rank Fish
Giant Saurian Sage Moonshimmer PeltLizard HornLarge Fisheye StoneArgentine SacHunk of PlatinumPurpure Crystal Silverwheat Paste
Giant Sulfur Saurian Striped PeltLizard Horn, Large Fisheye Stone, Large FishGiant Fish, Giant Rank Fish
Goblin Shaman Skull Pendant, Shamanic Reagents, Liquid Effluvium, Silverwheat Paste Headless Icon
Golden Knight Bone Crest, Befouled Gold Veneer, Lordly Emblem, Bitterblack Armor Lv.1
Gorecyclops Blue Iron Buckles, Cyclops Fang, Rugged Femur Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2 (1/25), Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3 (1/25), Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 (1/50) No Debilitation needed while chained.

Up to four items.

Greater Goblin Liquid Effluvium, Skull Pendant, Warmonger's Horn, Gnarled Fingernails, Stone-Moss Poultice
Leapworm Leapworm Jelly, Sour Scrag of Beast No Debilitation needed
Pyre Saurian Crimson Stone, Infernal Hide, Lava Rock Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2
Silver Knight Tainted Silver Veneer, Lordly Emblem, Silver Ore
Siren Siren Patagium, Siren Tailfin, Jewel of Endurance Jewel of Health
Strigoi Strigoi Barb, Ferrystone Bloodred Crystal The chance of a Bloodred Crystal is much increased if it drained someone's blood before (red glowing tail)
Warg Venomous Cuspid, Mottled Leather, Sour Beast-Steak Sour Scrag of Beast

It is impossible to steal from Eliminators, Daimon, the Gazer, Dark Bishop, Death, Skeleton Brutes, Living Armor, Wraiths, Maneaters and Dragonkin.

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