Master Thief is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.

For a list of stealable items, see Master Thief - Pilferage List.


"An advanced form of Pilfer that lets the user steal multiple items at once and increases the chances of nabbing rare items."

An advanced version of Pilfer that typically steals two or more instead of one.

In general, creatures must be grappled, blinded or asleep for this skill to work.

A few small creatures, Fauna and non-aggressive persons like Wandering Pawns may be stolen from without first making them vulnerable.


  • Successfully using this skill on a creature means the creature will not drop any items upon defeat.
    • "Breakable" items such as a Cyclops' tusks or the Chimera's snake tail will still drop.
    • Additional items obtainable from vanquishing enemies in The Everfall (Post-Dragon) do not seem to be stealable, and if an Everfall creature was pilfered, they will not drop the additional rewards on death.
  • Enemy spellcasters (such as Skeleton Sorcerers or Goblin Shamans) can be stolen from whilst they are casting - some spellcasters have nothing to steal under these conditions, whilst others yield items reliably.
  • If enemies can be approached whilst 'out of battle stance' (unawares) they may be successfully stolen from.
  • Strider pawns will use this skill sparingly.
  • Fighter or Warrior pawns with the Utilitarian inclination will assist more often with holding enemies.
  • Using Ensnare/Implicate or Soaring Stone will either stagger or knock down most small and medium-sized enemies, increasing the chance that a pawn will grapple them.
  • Even when over encumbered, Master Thief and Pilfer can still be used to obtain more items.


Farming Gorecyclops with the minimum expenses

Farming Gorecyclops with the minimum expenses.

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