Marcelo is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Marcelo is a Salvation leader, encountered in a room beyond the Gathering Hall within The Catacombs during Seeking Salvation. He wears the standard Set of Salvation Robes.



"The Elysion spoke of you... Said the Arisen ran counter to the tides. A heretic, he said. But I... I see you a reasonable sort. The sort like to hear reason...aye? Come, ser. What's to be gained from bloodying your hands? There's naught can stay the dragon's fire. What say we await perdition together? There's many a pleasure to indulge in ere salvation comes. I'll gladly furnish the coin! Pray, spare me, Arisen, that I may live to see the flame. You'll be well rewarded! Don't be a fool, ser. Surely my gold is worth more to you than my head?"



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