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Manse Key is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An old brass key to a door in the duke's manse."

The Manse key is carried by Aelinore during Duchess In Distress - it unlocks the door from the upper parts of The Blighted Manse to the Manse's sewers below.

If Aelinore is slain during the quest, the key can be found in her bedchambers in the Manse in a chest.

The key opens the locked door from either side.


Manse key

May be found in the bedchamber chest if Aelinore ded.

  • In order to acquire the key, fail the Duchess In Distress quest by either attacking the guards, removing your disguise, or killing Aelinore. If you've killed Aelinore, collect the key from her body, else collect the key in the room where Aelinore was located via a chest and exit the Manse through the front door.
  • A key can be carried through to New Game Plus, but the manse door will not unlock until after Duchess In Distress.