Manamia Trail is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Manamia Trail starts to the north of The Encampment. Its road rises and leads north towards The Mountain Waycastle and eventually to Moonsbit Pass. A smaller trail west leaves the settled lands behind and takes travellers to the Vestad Hills and into bandit territory. To the east at the northern edge of the trail is the Cobal Coast.

The northern entrance to Dripstone Cave is found at the southern end of the trail, near to where it branches west. Other points of interest include an Abandoned Storehouse, usually home to bandits, and the Warrior's Departure east of the southern end of the trail and The Encampment, overlooking the sea.

The surrounding area is home to numerous Bandits and Wolves, but the road is heavily used by porters, guards, and Wandering Pawns - conflicts between bandits and guards are common along the road. There is a captive cage in a hollow to one side of the trail - though bandits frequent it, they rarely, if ever, use it to hold a captive.

A small path at the northern end leads towards the Man Swallowing Falls and The Watergod's Altar and to some barren ground with a small cave off the track which is home to Goblins and Hobgoblins.


Despite wolves and bandits, the road remains in use - porters, merchants and guards who use the road include: Clarke, Cordovan, Corti, Emzie, Garrett, Landon, Russet, Thwan, Wilson, and Ser Byrt, Ser Caesey, Ser Carrot, Ser Jerrome, and Ser Ronell.

Occasionally an additional band of Bandits will stage an Ambush! east of the Abandoned Storehouse on the road.

In Post-Game, the trail is home to Succubi, Giant Undead, and Hellhounds - most of the human inhabitants will have fled.


Sunbright is common during daytime. Gold Ore can be mined in the cave in the Goblin infested area near the Man Swallowing Falls.

Map Chest Loot
Manamia cobal chests
A Weapon Pile to the West from Dripstone Cave Rear Passage, by the large tree, may yield : Stilettos, Rusted Daggers or Royal Banner

A Weapon Pile on the end of the ridge northwest of chest 4 may yield : Iron Shield, Rusted Shield

1 Harspud Juice, Pickled Mushrooms. Desiccated Herbs, Coin Pouch
2 Foreign Knife, Dragon's Spit, Coin Pouch
3 Foreign Knife, Dragon's Spit, Coin Pouch
4 Foreign Knife, Dragon's Spit, Coin Pouch

Weapon Pile to the west may yield: Conqueror's Periapt.

5 Light-Cure, Interventive, Bottled Haste, Coin Pouch
6 Angel's Periapt, Conqueror's Periapt, Demon's Periapt, Mage's Periapt, Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch, Seeker's Token
7 Two-Hander, Wooden Wall, Scholar's Cape

(The ledge here is accessible via the far right side, either by Double Vault, Levitate or with difficulty by using running jumps)

8 Foreign Knife, Dragon's Spit, Coin Pouch


"Manamia was once a beautiful settlement. Generations ago, it was a place where a man could find a wife and raise a family. Now, the area is the headquarters for soldiers on alert for monsters threatening Cassardis. Were you to visit, you might experience the wonder of a riftstone, where other pawns appear before your very eyes. When faced with the intimidating flames of the dragon, I remind myself that the Arisen will save us and that I must serve him."
―Johnathan, a pawn of a previous Arisen.[1]
  • According to the pawn Johnathan, Manamia was once the site of a prosperous settlement.
  • Manamia is also mentioned in Savan's tale (as told in the Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic) - somewhere in the Manamia region was a settlement described as the "capital of the underworld".[2]
  • The exact locations of either, and any connection between the two, are unknown.

Pawn Chatter

"Old texts claim the roads twixt Gran Soren and Cassardis were once well-traveled."
"We may find aught of use in the cottage ahead."
'Tis but a trice to the capital from here."
"We're near half between the encampment and the capital, I'd warrant."
"What a large tree."
" 'Tis even larger up close."



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