Maker's Finger is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The ultimate arrow, said to kill instantly."

The Maker's Finger is a powerful and expensive arrow that can instantly kill most enemies- even minor Dragonkin can be killed with a successful shot, provided the arrow hits their heart.

A few powerful monsters survive a well targeted Maker's Finger shot - these include the Ur-Dragon, and a handful of bosses on Bitterblack Isle, including Death and Daimon - instead the magickal arrow only takes one full health bar, or in the case of the Ur-Dragon - destroys a heart.

Caution! After being equipped, it will be lost even if restoring from checkpoint save, regardless of whether it was used or not.


  • Sold by Fournival in Gran Soren.
    • Only one is stocked at a time and it will only be replenished after the one in inventory has been used, lost or discarded.


3 Star Enhancement


Dragon's Dogma Post-Game - Killing the Archydra with Maker's Finger

Dragon's Dogma Post-Game - Killing the Archydra with Maker's Finger

The Maker's Finger in action @4:44. Note that it arcs to several but not all of the undead also in the chamber.

  • This arrow's flight trajectory is like a standard arrow.
  • Upon shooting the arrow, the game will save and the arrow cannot be restored to inventory afterwards by restoring a checkpoint save. Be sure not to miss!
  • The Maker's Finger also has the power to kill multiple foes if they are close enough to the main target. The white tendrils will move over to anything nearby and kill them instantly, killing multiple creatures.
  • The 'damage' done by the arrow shown in the "history" page of the Arisen's log may not correspond to that expected - for example against the Ur-Dragon, the damage done corresponds to tens of millions of hit points, but damage corresponding to little more than a standard arrow will be recorded.


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