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Maker's Finger is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The ultimate arrow, said to kill instantly."

The Maker's Finger is a powerful and expensive arrow that can instantly kill most enemies- even Dragons can be killed with a successful shot.

The Maker's Finger also has the power to kill multiple foes if they are close enough to the main target. The white tendrils will move over to anything nearby and kill them instantly, killing multiple creatures. This can cause a chain reaction as each enemy killed by the tendrils will sprout more, which can chain to others in turn. The tendril persist for ten seconds before dissapating.

Creature tactics[]

It seems no creature that is the creation of The Maker can resist the arrow. Those that can include the Ur-Dragon and a handful of powerful creatures on Bitterblack Isle, including Death, the Gazer, and Daimon; instead the magickal arrow only takes one full health bar, or in the case of the Ur-Dragon, destroys a single heart.

  • The arrow is ineffective against humans and pawns, and will pass straight through them.
    • Unlike other people Edmun Dragonsbane can be slain with the arrow, but he will resist it whilst seated in his throne.
    • Merin claims pawns "ain't from the Maker", though this doesn't explain the lack of effect on humans.
  • The Maker's Finger can slay The Dragon in a single shot, including if used during the choice of either slaying their beloved, or refusing.
  • The Seneschal is immune to this arrow.
  • Dormant Golem's are unaffected by the arrow, but once animated they are instantly slain by it, even if the arrow strikes an inactive part of their body.
    • Metal Golems are destroyed outright, together with their discs if the arrow strikes their body or a single disc; they can also be destroyed by the secondary tendrils .
  • If a Drake (or other 'common' Dragon) is struck indirectly by the spreading tentacles it will be reduced to a tiny fraction of health, but still require the Arisen to strike the final blow.
  • A Cursed Dragon shot with Maker's Finger will take four health bars of damage. This damage can be multiplied by both invigorations causing Strength Boosted and Magick Boosted. Using the maximum of four of each will double overall damage. Hits to weakspots don't change damage however.
    • If the Cursed Dragon has been knocked down and reeling, either by the bowshot itself, or an earlier attack it will be killed outright by the arrow..
  • Shielded Vile Eyes and Evil Eyes will resist the arrow - when the shield is down they are destroyed.

Aerial foes are unnaffected by the tendrils - though these will continue to seek a target for a while they cannot grasp it unless it lands. Thus the arrow is not effective against groups of ghosts, or flocks of harpies.

  • The tendrils may fail to destroy a Chimera as a secondary target, though it will chase the creature - this is presumably due to it targeting the Goat or Snake which are technically 'airborne' ie off the ground.


  • Sold by Fournival.
    • Only one is stocked at a time and it will only be replenished after the one in inventory has been used, lost or discarded.
    • Fournival reduces the price to 270,000 gold if he is found innocent in Trial and Tribulations.


3 Star Enhancement


Maker's Finger

The arrows unique case

  • This arrow's flight trajectory is similar to a standard arrow.
  • The arrow cannot be used in conjunction with skills (like Deathly Arrow). Additionally the Arisen may not move whilst aiming the arrow.
  • The forged arrow, like most forged magick items, does not work properly. See Maker's Finger Forgery.
  • The 'damage' done by the arrow shown in the "history" page of the Arisen's log may not correspond to that expected. For example, against the Ur-Dragon, the damage done corresponds to tens of millions of hit points, but damage corresponding to little more than a standard arrow will be recorded. The recorded damage is just that of the metal arrow - for more details see the entry for the forgery in Skill multiplier data.
  • For tactics and use against the Ur-Dragon, see Ur-Dragon § Maker's Finger.
  • ERROR!!! The in-game description : "(Note: After being equipped, it will be lost the next time you restore from a checkpoint save.)" is slightly erroneous. Only equipping the arrow affects nothing, but the arrow cannot be regained from a save once used.
    • Caution! Upon shooting the arrow, the game will save and the arrow cannot be restored to inventory afterwards. Even if restoring to a checkpoint save the arrow will still be lost. Be sure not to miss!