Magnitude is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Increases the effect when you debilitate adversaries with the Five Archmagicks."
Japanese : 主要五属性魔法による状態異常攻撃の威力を上げる

Magnitude increases the power of spells that inflict a debilitation as their primary effect. This includes spells such as Blearing, Silentium, Sopor, Lassitude, Perdition and Petrifaction.

Spells that inflict debilitations as their secondary effects such as burning from Comestion or poison from Miasma do not seem to benefit in any way.

The effect is approximately 1.5x, so a debilitation takes around 2/3rds as long to take effect. Most debilitation spells are rapid in effect - an exception is Petrifaction - which usually takes several seconds to take hold - Magnitude is effective in speeding up this spell.


  • Magnitude doesn't :
    • Doesn't increase the base damage of magic attacks, or increase damage on debilitated enemies.
    • Doesn't increase the likelihood of inflicting archmagick induced frozen or burning, or increase damage from such debilitations, even when inflicted using a spell
    • Doesn't increase likelihood or amount of healing taken from targets of Holy archmagick attacks.
  • The increase in 'cumulative damage' can be described as an 'increase in chance to debilitate' - though the actual effect is regular, not randomised.
    • Compare with the Morbidity augment (increases the chance of debilitation with a weapon), or Toxicity (increases chance of poisoning).
  • Creatures immune to debilitations remain immune, even when a spell is cast in concert with the augment.
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