Magickal Gleam is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Magickal Flare that illuminates a broader area for a longer period of time."

A seeking magick holy bolt that brightly illuminates on discharge, also causing shock or damage to the Undead and other un-holy creatures - an advanced version of Magickal Flare which illuminates a wider area for a longer period.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Magickal Radiance with a suitable Magick Bowman's Ring or Magick Bowman's Band equipped.

Usage, damage and tactics

Spell Duration
Magickal Flare 30 seconds
Magickal Gleam 60 seconds
Magickal Radiance 110 seconds

After a fairly long incantation the spell can be released by pressing and holding the assigned button - the gleam bolt will 'explode' when the button is released, allowing control of distance. It will also explode if it hits a surface or foe. Pressing and releasing the assigned button quickly (i.e. "tapping") causes the bolt to fire to the maximum distance.

Once released, the bright light burst can cause nearby enemies (and allies such as soldiers) to flinch. Skeletons and Undead enemies may be knocked down, and likely set alight.

A direct hit deals Holy based damage to non-living creatures such as the Undead, Skeletons and Phantoms, but deals almost no damage to living foes.

Once cast, the spell illuminates a broad area for one minute.

The spell will target and seek a single foe. The maximum range, but not the targeting range, is increased by the augment Trajectory.

In order to gain a first strike advantage in a fight, it is ideal to use the initial light burst flinching effect by sending Pawns in just as the arrow is fired.


  • The Holy damage seems to come from the light flash - a direct hit itself deals very little damage.
  • The release mechanism is very similar to the Strider's Fracture Dart.
  • Magickal Gleam can be used to defeat Death using a knockdown exploit in the Fortress of Remembrance. For more details see Death


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