Magick Rebalancer is a holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Magick Rebuffer that boosts the beneficiary's Magick as well, save when facing the undead."

An advanced version of Magick Rebuffer that causes Magick Boosted and Magick Defenses Boosted on the Arisen and any ally who enters the sigil's influence.

The sigil may also inflict Lowered Magick Defense and Lowered Magick on any undead that enter the sigil.


Spell Sigil duration Boost duration
Magick Rebuffer 20 sec 60 sec
Magick Rebalancer 20 sec 90 sec
  • The description is misleading - this spell sigil boosts the magick stats of allies under all circumstances, and lower the stats of undead entering the sigil.
  • Magick Rebuffer only affects Magick Defense, Magick Rebalancer also affects Magick.
  • This spell affects Undead as well as Skeletons, but not Ghosts.
  • The positive effects stack up to four times (multiplicative) and (temporarily) negate both Lowered Magick and Lowered Magick Defense.
    • Each cast of this spell only affects each foe once, so to debilitate more resistant foes, the spell must be cast more than once, and the enemy lured into its area of effect.
    • The magick boost stacks with other items or potions that boost Magick or Magick Defense.
    • The boost is approximately 20 to 25% - if cast four times the total effect more than doubles Magick.
  • The Arisen can change weapons while maintaining the magick boosts.
  • Head gear with the bonus enhancement "Extends duration of equipped skills." increases the duration of the sigil by 5 seconds
    • With a sigil of increased duration the same spell will apply a second instance of Invigorations after 20 seconds.
  • Arm gear with the bonus enhancement "Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you." increases the duration of the boost (to 135 seconds for Rebalancer).
    • Unfortunately second, third, and fourth stacks of the boost obtained with the spell do not have their duration extended.
  • Only one sigil may be active at any time.
  • Like Shadowshackle, Magick Rebalancer will not inflict debilitations on enemies entering the sigil when cast with Rusted, golden or aneled daggers.


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