Magick Defense is a primary Stat which represents a creature or individual's ability to with stand offensive spells. It is used in Damage Calculations. Uniquely it factors into healing from holy based offensive spells.

Often abbreviated MDEF.


Magick Defense is the resistance to magickal damage. The higher the Magick Defense stat, the less damage a person or creature will take from magickal attacks.

Magick Defense growth with level is highest, in order, by leveling as : Sorceror (below level 100); Mage and Magick Archer; then Mystic Knight. Melee vocations have poor Magick Defense growth with the ranged vocations of Strider and Ranger being a little better than Warrior and Fighter.

The core magick defense from stat growth is thought to be twice as important as the magick defense given from equipment.

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Sanctuary Increases magick defense by 50% if health is critical Mystic Knight
Bloodlust Provides 30 points of damage mitigation at nighttime Assassin
Autonomy Provides 30 points of damage mitigation if playing alone Assassin

Magick Defense and Spell Damage Mitigation

Main article: Damage Calculation.

For foes and monsters it seems their Magick Defense is subtracted from the "Magick Power" of the Arisen's or ally's attacks, and if the value is positive they take that amount of damage.

For monster attacks on the Arisen and Pawns it seems that Magick Defense works differently - allied defenses divides damage, and so shows diminishing returns as defense increases. Additionally core Magick Defence is more (twice as) important than equipment defence.

When fighting foes of a similar or higher strength to oneself the concept of Defense Break can become important - relatively small increases in attack power can cause much greater increases in damage under these conditions. Uses of periapts, augments, and choice of element and attack type become vital under such circumstances.

Holy healing

Main article: Holy Healing.

Holy based spells, as well as holy enchanted weapons can return health to the caster or wielder - each returned orb of health is equivalent to one tenth of the Arisen or pawn's magick defense.


  • May be abbreviated to MDEF.
  • The maximum core Magick Defense by level 200 is 757. This is achievable by leveling as a Mage from 1-10, Sorcerer from 11-100, then Mage or Magick Archer from 101-200.
    • The armor with highest magick defense is the Carrion Armor Set (MDEF 714), with Patterned Gambeson (MDEF 34), Silk Tights (MDEF 37), and Hellfire Cloak (MDEF 27) - a total equipment magick defense of 812 can be obtained.
    • Two Master Rings could give a maximum boost of +50 each.
    • The total maximum effective magick defense is therefore 757+816/2+100/2 = 1215 - this would reduce incoming magic damage by 92%.
    • Use of the Brilliance magick shield could raise magick defense to even higher levels.
  • The minimum core Magick Defense by level 200 is 168. This is achievable by levelling as a Fighter from 1-10, then Fighter, Warrior, or Assassin from 11-200.
  • Damage Reducing Augments can further reduce both physical and magickal damage
  • See also Defense - for physical defence.
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