Magick Cannon is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Conjures a sphere of magickal power. Strike it to fire spellshot at foes."

Magick Cannon conjures a magickal floating orb or sigil, which when struck by a wide variety of attacks, including friendly or and enemy attacks, emits balls of magic that target and seek out enemies, damaging them.

The Great Cannon sigil takes on the enchantment of the equipped sword or mace - if the weapon was temporarily enchanted the sigil will take an appearance appropriate to the relative Archmagick.

Magick Cannon persists for 12 seconds.



  • Casting
  • Charge hold
  • Sphere forming
  • Sphere at rest
  • The swing!
  • The projectile!
  • ... And it's outta here!
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