Magick Billow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Swing your staff downward to stagger the enemy. Follow-up attacks can send the enemy to the ground."

A spellcaster's lowest tier spell and last line of defense -excluding some high level spells this is one of the few ways a magician can do physical damage - both staff and archistaff versions deal physical blunt damage.

Staff Magick Billow

Mage, Magick Archer and Mystic Knight can use this attack with a staff - swings the staff in an arc as a melee weapon with a chance to stagger the enemy. Follow-up attacks can send the enemy to the ground.

This attack has poor reach, and relatively low damage. Only useful in limited situations, such as smashing crates or as a last resort. Skeleton Mages will also use this attack.

Archistaff Magick Billow

A Sorcerer performs a different type of Magick Billow unlike the staff skill this is a magickal attack - the sorcerer emits a short range shockwave in front of the Arisen, dealing physical damage with reasonable knockdown or knockback damage.

This 'spell' combines both magic and physical attack strengths, and is affected by the carried archistaff - the spell's damage is based roughly on a 60:40 split of strength to magic.

  • The spell is cast without the archistaff, instead using the palm of the hand facing towards the target. As such, this spell is an 'unarmed' skill and so does not benefit from permanent or temporary weapon enchantments or additional effects such as debilitations.
  • Whilst the standard Magick Billow can cause knockdown and knockback, the jumping version only causes knockdown.
  • Magic and Strength boosting periapts and similar concoctions also increase the damage.
  • Levitate can be used to attack twice with one jump.
  • Damage is not increase by Bloody Knuckle.


  • Damage will be increased if the character has Ferocity equipped.

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