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The Magick Archer is one of three Hybrid vocations in Dragon's Dogma. Hybrid vocations are exclusive to the Arisen, and cannot be learnt by Pawns. It costs 1,500 Discipline Points to switch to this vocation.


"A skilled explorer and well-balanced adventurer, able to wield a magick bow."

Magick Archers combine elements of Mages and Striders, allowing them to equip both Daggers and Staves as a primary weapon and have access to some armor and clothing suitable for both bow users and spellcasters. For their secondary weapon, Magick Archers have exclusive access to Magick Bows. Magick Archers have unique offensive and support spells that can be cast from all three weapon types.

Dragonsdogma magick archer

Magick Archer discharging magick arrows.

The Magick Archer, being a hybrid of physical and magickal vocations, has a selection of weapon skills that utilize both Magick and Strength, though it leans more towards magick in terms of abilities.

  • For Magick, the Magick Bow and Staves rely on this stat for their magick arrows and weapon skills. In addition, this vocation also has exclusive access to a handful of dagger spells that also utilize Magick (notably Scension and Sunflare).
  • For Strength, melee attacks common to other Daggerist vocations as well as Backfire based skills will use this stat.
  • In addition Magick Archer has a range of support skills that though magickal do not depend at all on magick power.

A Magick Archer can be a powerful attacker in its own right, with access to some extremely effective spells, and the versatility to switch between magick- or strength-based skills and equipment as needed. However, its growth with experience is mostly defensively based, especially in Magick Defense. Magick growth is above average, but Defense growth is low, and Strength mediocre.

Additionally it can be effective as a non-healing support class. Magick Archer is able to provide debilitation resistances, magick power boosts, magick defense boosts, and set magick traps through its spells. It can even provide temporary light sources.

Non-Arisen Magick Archers[]

Pawns may not learn the Magick Archer vocation, though some other humans have done so. Ophis wields a Magick Bow, and some other more experienced bandits, such as found in the Cursewood and in the Pastona Cavern have mastered the magick bow. Pawns refer to such enemies as 'Sorcerers'.

In Dark Arisen, Corrupted Pawns in Bitterblack Isle may also be Magick Archers, as seen in The Pilgrim's Gauntlet.

Skills and Augments[]

Skills in bold are unique to the Magick Archer.
Skills in italics can only be obtained via Skill Rings and Bands found in Dark Arisen.

Core Skills[]

Weapon Skill Rank DP Description
Magick Bow Seeker Already learned - Fire magical arrows with additional properties.
Magick Bow True Seeker 6 4,000 An advanced form of Seeker that boasts improved seeking capabilities.
Dagger Carve Already learned - Continuous attacks with a dagger.
Dagger Two Step Already learned - A two-level stabbing strike straight forward.
Dagger Vault Already learned - Executes a jump to a higher location.
Dagger Roundelay 1 600 An advanced form of Two-Step that appends a whirling slash to victims.
Dagger Engrave 1 800 An advanced form of a Carve that includes kicks after a flurry of dagger blows to strike at a broader range.
Dagger Double Vault 5 1,800 An advanced form of Vault that kicks at the air to propel the user in a second leap.
Dagger Forward Roll 5 2,200 Curls forward into a tumble effective as an evasive maneuver.
Staff Feather Jump Already learned - A light jump. More effective when grabbing to platforms or rocks.
Staff Magick Billow Already learned - Swing your staff downward to stagger the enemy. Follow-up attacks can send the enemy to the ground.
Staff Magick Bolt Already learned - Launches a magick bolt from your staff. Press repeatedly for additional effect. Can add elemental effect via enchantments.
Staff Levitate 2 600 An advanced form of Feather Jump that mitigates gravity's pull, enabling a gentle landing even from great heights.
Staff Focused Bolt 6 3,000 An advanced form of Magick Bolt. Focuses the user's active enchantment into a powerful burst that can be fired from the ground or air.
Staff Magick Agent 6 3,000 An advanced form of Magick Billow. Conjures spheres of magickal energy around the user to attack encroaching foes. Also employable from mid-air.

Dagger Skills[]

Skill Element Rank DP Description
Scarlet Kisses None Already learned - Concentrates a flurry of slashes on a single point, easily shredding foes with meager endurance.
Biting Wind None 1 200 Dashes past the target with blades extended, delivering slashes that can be followed with further attacks on contacs.
Sunburst Fire 1 300 Kicking downward, plunges the blades into the earth, channeling magick so that a pillar of flame erupts directly ahead.
Toss and Trigger Fire, Physical 3 700 Steps in with blade strike that sends the target aloft. Additional button presses throw and detonate a store of powder.
Scension Holy 3 1,100 Imbues daggers with magick before an upward slash sends forth a shockwave. Saps foes' Health with holy power. Hold the assigned button to incant, release it to deploy.
Sunflare Fire 3 1,100 An advanced form of Sunburst that creates an even larger pillar of flame.
Cutting Wind None 4 900 An advanced form of Biting Wind. Slashes past the target, appending more strikes to the onslaught upon connecting with foe.
Dazzle Hold None 4 900 Casts a firework explosive into the fray that stuns nearby foes.
Reset None 4 900 Returns the user to a neutral stance, eliminating openings caused by other actions.
Shadowpin Dark 4 1,500 Plunges the blades into the ground to form a magick sigil that traps enemies within its confines. Hold the assigned button to incant, release it to deploy.
Advanced Trigger Fire, Physical 5 1,200 An advanced form of Toss and Trigger that both strengthens the upward slash and broadens the subsequent blast.
Grand Scension Holy 5 2,000 An advanced form of Scension that extends the shockwave's reach.
Magick Rebuffer Holy 5 2,000 Plunges the blades downward to form a magick sigil that improves Magick Defenses except when facing the undead. hold the assigned button to incant, release to deploy.
Shadowshackle Dark 6 2,500 An advanced form of Shadowpin that extends the effective range of the sigil and persists for a longer period of time.
Dazzle Blast None 7 2,000 An advanced form of Dazzle Hold that tosses an explosive crafted to stun foes within a broader radius.
Hundred Kisses None 7 2,000 An advanced form of Scarlet Kisses that focuses a quick flurry of slashes on a single point, allowing for more strikes.
Instant Reset None 7 2,000 An advanced form of Reset employable even while under attack that returns the user to a neutral stance, eliminating openings caused by other actions.
Backfire Fire, Physical 7 3,200 Sets the user's body ablaze, eroding their own life but also causing harm to all they touch. Press the assigned button to light, press it again to extinguish.
Magick Rebalancer Holy 8 4,000 An advanced form of Magick Rebuffer that boosts the beneficiary's Magick as well, save when facing the undead.
Immolation Fire, Physical 9 5,000 An advanced form of Backfire that harms the user less while ablaze.
Thousand Kisses None Requires Daggerist's Band - An advanced form of Hundred Kisses that heightens the speed and number of slashes in the flurry.
Shearing Wind None Requires Daggerist's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Cutting Wind that increase the attack range, the amount of strikes, and the speed of dash.
Shadowsnare Dark Requires Magick Archer's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Shadowshackle that expands both the range and duration of its enemy-trapping sigil.
Flameshroud Fire, Physical Requires Magick Archer's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Immolation that erodes even less of the user's life yet extends the duration of the flames.

Magick Bow Skills[]

Skill Element Rank DP Description
Threefold Bolt Ice Already learned - Fires three magickal arrows at a single target.
Seeker Bolt Holy 1 300 Fires magickal arrows that seek out their targets. Up to five foes can be targeted at once.
Hunter Bolt Holy 3 1,100 An advanced form of Seeker Bolt that allows up to ten foes to be targeted at once.
Magickal Flare Holy 3 1,100 Fires an arrow of magickal light to illuminate the area. The flash it creates surprises foes and damages the undead.
Ricochet Seeker Lightning 4 1,500 Looses a magickal arrow that increases in power as it ricochets towards its target. Quite effective in cramped quarters.
Sixfold Bolt Ice 4 1,500 An advanced form of Threefold Bolt that fires still more arrows.
Funnel Trail Dark 5 2,000 Looses a magickal arrow that draws in nearby lightweight foes.
Magickal Gleam Holy 5 2,000 An advanced form of Magickal Flare that illuminates a broader area for a longer period of time.
Explosive Bolt Fire 6 2,500 Fires a magickal arrow that remains lodged in the target for a time, which explodes when struck with a blow.
Ricochet Hunter Lightning 6 2,500 An advanced form of Ricochet Seeker that fires three magickal arrows.
Bracer Arrow Holy 7 3,200 Looses a magickal arrow that fortifies an ally against reeling from enemy blows for a time.
Ward Arrow Holy 7 3,200 Looses a magickal arrow that makes an ally impervious to all manner of debilitations for a time.
Explosive Rivet Fire 8 4,000 An advanced form of Explosive Bolt that remains lodged in its target for a longer period of time and causes more damage.
Vortex Trail Dark 8 4,000 An advanced form of Funnel Trail that persists for a longer period of time and boasts an expanded range.
Great Bracer Arrow Holy 9 5,000 An advanced form of Bracer Arrow that bolsters the whole party's resistance to enemy blows.
Great Ward Arrow Holy 9 5,000 An advanced form of Ward Arrow that protects the entire party from debilitations.
Sacrifical Bolt Dark 9 5,500 Summons forth the ultimate magickal bolt at the cost of one pawn's life. Time slows while the user is aiming.
Great Sacrifice Dark 9 7,500 An advanced form of Sacrificial Bolt that boasts greater destructive power and slows time further while aiming.
Ninefold Bolt Ice Requires Magick Bowman's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Sixfold Bolt that fires yet more arrows.
Magickal Radiance Holy Requires Magick Bowman's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Magickal Gleam that further extends the breadth and duration of the magickal light.
Explosive Volley Fire Requires Magick Bowman's Band - An advanced form of Explosive Rivet that fires additional magickally explosive arrows.

Staff Skills[]

Skill Element Rank DP Description
Ingle Fire Already learned - Looses a ball of fire that explodes upon contact, engulfing both the target and surrounding foes.
Frazil Ice 1 200 Creates a concentrated field of cold in front of the user that freezes solid whatever enemies it visits.
Levin Lightning 1 200 Smites the enemy from abovde with tongues of lightning. Especially effective at driving foes out of hiding.
High Ingle Fire 3 700 An advanced form of Ingle that looses a number of fiery projectiles that explode on contact.
High Frazil Ice 3 700 An advanced form of Frazil that creates an expanded field of cold around the user that deals ice damage to those it touches.
High Levin Lightning 3 700 An advanced form of Levin that smites foes with multiple lighting bolts from above.
Comestion Fire 5 1,400 Generates a towering wall of flame; though only modest in power, it ignites adversaries with ease.
Frigor Ice 5 1,400 Generates a giant chunk of ice that can serve as a stepping stone.
Brontide Lightning 5 1,400 Wraps the users body in a whip-like bolt of lightning capable of damaging foes. (Attack with heavy and light attacks, press Jump to cancel)
Perdition Dark 6 3,500 Invokes a magickal sigil that curses foes who enter it.
High Comestion Fire 7 1,800 An advanced form of Comestion that invokes an even longer wall of flame easily able to ignite foes.
High Frigor Ice 7 1,800 An advanced form of Frigor that generates three spires of ice. The last one can serve as a stepping stone.
High Brontide Lightning 7 1,800 An advanced form of Brontide that calls forth a longer-lasting whip of lightning that drops more bolts when dismissed.
High Perdition Dark 7 7,500 An advanced form of Perdition that invokes a larger, longer lasting fog that curses foes who enter.
Grand Ingle Fire Requires Staff-Bearer's Ring/Band - An advanced form of High Ingle that looses a greater number of fiery projectiles that explode on contact.
Grand Levin Lightning Requires Staff-Bearer's Ring/Band - An advanced form of High Levin that smites foe with an even greater number of lightning bolts.
Grand Frigor Ice Requires Staff-Bearer's Band or Mage's Ring/Band - An advanced form of High Frigor that generates an even greater quantity of icy spires.
Grand Brontide Lightning Requires Staff-Bearer's Band or Mage's Ring/Band - An advanced form of High Brontide that erodes less Stamina and periodically drops lightning bolts around the user.


Augment Notes Rank Discipline Points
Expands one's field of vision, more easily revealing unknown areas of the map
Removes more of the fog from the map when exploring an area the first time. 2 1,000
Extends the limit of your stamina
Stamina is increased by 100. 2 1,000
Halves the severity of injuries you sustain from falling
Halves Fall Damage. 6 4,000
Doubles the increase in your affinity when you give items to non-pawns
(Probably bugged and has no significant increase in affinity gain from gifts) 8 7,000
Causes your Health to slowly return with the passage of time
Heal one health every three seconds. 8 7,000
Increases the effect when you debilitate adversaries with the Five Archmagicks
Description is misleading; only affects spells with debilitation as their primary effect. (Also bugged for some spells including Perdition.) 9 7,500
Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by non-Archmagick attacks
Description is misleading; actually greatly increases resistance to many sources debilitations including some from spells - in many cases practical immunity. 9 7,500

Stat Growth[]

HP Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lvl 10+ 21 20 2 3 3 4
Lvl 100+ 10 10 0 (1) 0 1 3 (2)
Parenthesis enclosed values are changes from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


  • Because the Magick Archer, like the Mystic Knight, uses both physical and magickal skills, the Magick Archer is not left without skills if subjected to Silence.
  • It is common to extensively level as Sorcerer (for Magick) and another Daggerist vocation (for Stamina and/or Strength) before switching to Magick Archer.
  • Unlike other Vocations none of Dagger or Magick Bow skills exclusive to Magick Archer inherit debilitations from weapons used. Only Core skills are capable of inflicting debilitations.
  • Because all of its long range attacks are Magick based, the Magick Archer can sometimes have trouble against highly magick-resistant enemies intended to be fought with physical attacks; the Magick Archer will be forced to rely on good Daggers or physical attack Pawns against such foes.


  • Unlike physical bows, magick power and damage is generally unchanged with distance. However there can be a small change at very close range, such as with True Seeker, which has an approximately +20 increase in power at "shotgun" distances (<3m). Scaling with magick power is unchanged at these close distance.
  • An enchanted magick bow does not affect the properties of spell cast with it, similar to the elements of spells cast with Staffs or Archistaves. The exception is the core skill Seeker. All other bow spells are innately imbued with one of the Five Archmagicks, indicated by the color of the icon of the skill, charging bolt, and its targeting sigil.
  • Magick Archer bow spells are capable of "Locking On" to one or multiple targets via a targeting sigil, similar to staff spells. This together with the illumination provided by bow spells such as Magickal Flare makes Magick Archers effective while fighting in darkness.
    • Enemies can be sniped with magick bow spells beyond the targeting distance if correctly aimed.
    • Magick Bow damage is unaffected by distance, unlike physical bows.
    • The augment trajectory extends the range of the magick bow.
    • It is common for "Locked-On" projectiles to miss a highly nimble target (flying, jumping) at medium to close distance due to sudden loss of focus. Thus, it is generally advised to use Magick Bow skills from afar.
  • Sacrificial Bolt (or Great Sacrifice) has sufficient power to damage even usually magick resistant enemies, such as Golems.
  • Magickal Flare generally only damages Undead (including Skeletons and Ghosts), but has an additional use in providing a bright illumination.
  • Ward Arrow and related bow spells grant impervious, and so protect from all debilitations for a time.



The Equipment of the Magick Archer in the Change Vocation Menu is:

There are three armor sets can be said to be Magick Archer specific - the Novice's Armor Set, Raptor Armor Set, and Holy Armor Set.


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