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Magick Agent is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Conjures spheres of magickal energy around the user to attack encroaching foes. Also employable from mid-air."

A very different form of action to Magick Billow - after a short charge time, it surrounds the caster with magickal orbs that damage any foe (or object) that comes in range.


  • Hold [Heavy Attack] to charge the attack until the staff glows, then release it to deploy.
    • Lasts roughly 30 seconds.
    • Initially must cast a Magick Billow spell to begin the short incant.
      • Well timed Jump allows skipping the initial casting of Magick Billow.
    • Just like Focused Bolt may be charged mid air and during various activities including climbing obstacles, running and blocking.
    • The cast time is not improved by Articulacy or the Wyrmking's Ring
  • Will fire the Mystic Knight's Ruinous Sigil.
  • Damage is increased by the Ferocity augment.
  • Unenchanted orbs are Neutral Magick
  • Together with Weapon Enchantments, Necromancy, and Spellscreen this is one of the spells pawns will cast before battle begins. Medicant inclination encourages this.
  • Can prevent some foes from attacking, causing them instead to guard at least until the spell expires.