Magick is a primary Stat representing magickal power; it influences the power of spells cast. Magickal items may also have a magick stat, which can positively influence the power of spells cast when the item is used in casting.

The ability to withstand magickal damage is represented by Magick Defense.


Weapon Magick indicates the power of magickal weapons; the right (primary) and left (secondary) weapons of a character are listed separately. A caster's innate (or "core") Magick has a direct influence on the amount of damage a spell (such as Great Cannon or Maelstrom) or magick weapon (such as a Staff or Magick Bow) performs. However core magick does not usually contribute to the damage generated from an enchanted physical weapon when performing physical attacks (see Weapon enchantment for details).

When magick is used such as in spells it usually takes on one of the five Elemental Attributes, some spells lack such an attribute, and can be considerer "Neutral Magick".

The magick stat does not have any impact on the healing effect of spells such as High Anodyne, curative spells like Halidom, debilitating spells like Sopor, or spells that cause Invigorations such as Ward Arrow.

Magick growth with level is highest, in order, by leveling as Sorcerer, then Mage. Mystic Knight, Magick Archer and Strider have average magick growth and all other vocations have below average magick growth.

Magick can be increased by levelling, by certain augments, and by certain equipment. Total magick also incorporates the magick power (if any) of a weapon used in combat.

The invigoration Magick Boosted also increases magick power for attacks and spells.

Augment Magick Boosts

In Dark Arisen a 1.8x (+80%) limit to magick boosts from augments was introduced - boosts above 1.8x from all augments including ferocity will be wasted if the cap is already exceeded. In Dragon's Dogma there is no limit.

(Magick power boosts from the Invigoration Magick Boosted are not affected by this limit.)

Augment Description Vocation
Attunement Increases magick by 10% Mage
Acuity Increases magick by 20% Sorcerer
Equanimity Increases magick by 50% (20% Dark Arisen) if health is critical Mage
Bloodlust Increases magick by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) at nighttime Assassin
Autonomy Increases magick by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) if playing alone Assassin
Ferocity Increases magick by 10% when you perform a Core Skill Warrior
Retribution Increases magick of Pawns revived from unconscious status by 20% for one minute. Mystic Knight

Core Magick

See also: Core Stats

Core magick is the magick that an unarmed (or naked) character has. In terms of Damage Calculation core magick is only a factor with spells, and not with enchanted weapons. Weapon and equipment magick (secondary magick) boosts the magick power of both melee and magickal attacks

Magick boosts from equipment and rings are counted along with magick from weapons, and don't contribute to core magick. Magick Boosting Augments increase both core and secondary magick.

The values for core and secondary (total) magick are shown in the stats menu, with the base core magick in brackets.


  • Periapts, potions, and skills that cause the Invigoration of Magick Boosted increase magick attack power, but the actual value added is not shown in any menu; the stat figures don't change.
  • The effects of magick boosting augments, equipment, and weapons are shown in the total magick stat in menus.
    • Some of these augment effects only activate under certain conditions, depending on the character's environment, state of health or even the selected skill.
  • Sometimes also referred to as Magick Strength or Magick Attack; may be abbreviated to MAG or MATT.
  • The maximum core Magick is 866.
  • The minimum lvl.200 core Magick is 258. This is achievable by leveling as a Fighter from 1-10, Fighter, Warrior, or Assassin from 11-100, and Fighter, Warrior, Ranger, or Assassin from 101-200.

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