"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Madeleine is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Madeleine is a Peddler. Abandoned as a child, and raised by Nuns, Madeleine seeks money above all else, having come to loath poverty.

She is first encountered by the Arisen in Cassardis, where she seeks an escort to The Encampment, wherein begins Madeleine's "relationship" with the Arisen, which on the surface appears to revolve around Madeleine pleading poverty in exchange for loans of Gold.

Later she is encountered again in Gran Soren where she has set up shop in an Abandoned House in the Venery (Madeleine's Shop). Through greed rather than malice she becomes involved in a conspiracy involving Salvation and Julien - providing information to the Knight for gold.

Ultimately her lack of moral compass is her undoing, and she is sought by the Gran Soren authorities for trading in Salvation's Badges. Forced to flee she loses (mostly) everything, and becomes a peddler once more.

Though somewhat callous and manipulative in her pursuit of wealth Madeleine is not without humanity, and possibly, beneath the facade there is, after all a heart of gold.

Madeleine's outfit is the Set of Lady's Trek Wear, she also carries the daggers Divine Razors.


Main article: Madeleine's Shop

Madeleine is a travelling Vendor who may eventually set up shop in Gran Soren. As part of the quest Supplier's Demand she seeks rare metal idols, and if given a genuine one will be able to improve her inventory.

Her wares tend to favor armor for female characters, spellcasters and bow and magick bow users, unique curatives, periapts, and special ring jewelry.


During the main quest :

Post-Game (after The Dragon is slain) :

  • Gran Soren Field if Bad Business was started, but failed. Madeleine will not sell items.
  • Gran Soren fields if Bad Business was not undertaken at all. Madeleine will sell items.
  • Pablos' Inn in Cassardis if Bad Business was successfully completed. Madeleine will sell items.
  • The Arisen's house in Cassardis if Madeleine was the Arisen's love interest. Madeleine will sell items. No special discount given.


"There is a small abbey in central Gransys which has never been known as anything more than “the abbey.” A number of sisters live frugal, modest lives in the abbey. These sisters are ardent followers of the Faith, kind and benevolent, and deeply relied upon by the people. Knowing that the sisters would never abandon a child, young babes were sometimes left on the steps of the abbey. Madeleine was just such a child.

Madeleine was raised as an orphan by the sisters, but in complete contrast to her gentle guardians, she came to hate being poor and to hate modest living. While she was grateful to the sisters for raising her, she also vowed that she would never serve the Faith as they did.
―Madeleine's Tale.[1]



Madeleine early concept (notice her change of clothes).

  • Beginning the quest Bad Business will remove Madeleine from the game until the quest The Final Battle has been completed.
  • The Promissory Notes are likely relating to one loan of another Madeleine has failed to repay.
  • For the Xbox 360 and PS3: By importing a Dragon's Dogma save file into Dark Arisen, the player acquires Madeleine's outfit, the Set of Lady's Trek Wear, as one of the six Outfits bestowed as part of the transfer bonus.
  • During early stages of her development, there were plans for Madeleine to change clothes during certain weather conditions, such as when it's hot she would wear revealing clothes exposing a lot of her features and when it's cold she would wear a lot of clothes, however this was not included.


  • "Well Madeleine, this is a fine bit of fortune you've come into... Come to Gran Soren with riches in mind...instead find only cravens, cowed by dragon-fear. The streets are chaos, my goods ruined or lost..." (initial monolgue)
  • "Yes, well, enough idle chatter. To business, then?"
  • "A girl must take what advantage she can. Don't you agree?"
  • "Time is a funny thing. It seems only yesterday you smuggled me from Cassardis... Those were hard days, for a certainty... Survival was not a given, let alone with such grace and beauty as I managed, hmm?"

Fields. After the Final Battle

  • "These are dark days, so terrible as to drive even I to brink of tears. But you've come to shop, not hear me prattle on! Let's to business."

During A Diverting Excursion

  • "But, one moment... Did I not... Ah, just so! You lent me a tidy sum as I fled Cassardis! In truth, I don't recall the exact figure... But worry not -- I shall repay you with all speed! ...Just as soon as my shop turns a profit. I may enjoy the jingle of coin more than most, but I'm not one to ignore debt."
  • "A knightly customer? Oh, we get all kinds in here, Arisen, but how is it your business? Surely 'tis not jealously steers your questions? Oh, fie! You needn't worry on that account! I have eyes only for the purses of any what pass through that door."
  • "That knight comes here with some regularity. He asked the names of those who purchased the rare medallions I came upon not long ago. His reward was impressive to say the least. I speak of money, fool! Not...other things! Fie, but your jealously is a thing to behold."



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