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Mad Dash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sprint that reduces stamina consumption and extends the duration of the run."

An advanced version of Sprint.


  • During Dash press [Jump] to jump, [Heavy Attack] to slide or [Light Attack] to cancel.
  • These skills can be useful during a Speed Run
  • The sprint + slide can knockdown foes, and damages them - the other forms of sprint finisher do not appear to have much utility.
    • Damage increases with dagger strength.
    • Mad Dash sliding tackle does slightly more damage than an equivalent Sprint tackle. (~+20%)
    • Does not inflict Debilitations from the dagger. (see also Unarmed Combat)
  • The dash-jump can be followed by Double Vault in the air, but does not have more distance than the equivalent running jump
  • Probably the fastest way to travel - a journey from Gran Soren's southern gate to the first gate in Moonsbit Pass takes 42 seconds with Mad Dash; 47 seconds just running (very light encumbrance); or 43 seconds running with Gale Harness (including skill charge time).
    • Additionally Dash is not dependent on encumbrance.
  • Some of the Iron Hammer Bandits at the The Ruins of Aernst Castle use these skills, probably Sprint.