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Lowered Magick Defense is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma.


Magick resistance is lowered causing the afflicted to take 30% more magickal damage.

May be inflicted on Undead by the spells Magick Rebuffer and Magick Rebalancer.

Can be self inflicted as a side effect of consuming Silverwheat Paste. Caused by creature attacks, such as the Dark Bishop and the beam of an Evil Eye.

Wears off after 90 seconds, or can be cured by Cleric's Draught, Cleric's Incense, Isometricine, Panacea, Voidspell and any object or spell that grants Impervious.


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.


Jewelry %
Dragonblood 25
Noble Earring 60


  • This debilitation does not reduce the numerical Magick Defense value, instead it causes increased magick damage (as if magick defenses had been reduced) - thus this still has a noticeable effect on targets that already have low magick defense.
    • The effect is to multiply damage by 1.3x (+30%) for both the Arisen, allies, or foes.
    • The effect can stack up to four times, for a maximum and ~2.86 damage.
    • For more details see Damage Calculation
  • The effect is not show in any defense stats.