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Lost and Found is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"News of Quina's sudden disappearance has left you shaken. Seek out the village chief to learn more of her whereabouts."

The Arisen's childhood friend Quina has gone missing.  Return her safely to Cassardis.


Caution! Be sure to complete this quest before completing Lure of the Abyss, as it will usually fail soon after completion of that task.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Lost and Found


News of Quina's disappearance is first delivered by Elvar upon leaving The Encampment after completing the quest A Rude Awakening. Return to Chief Adaro in Cassardis to learn what has happened and to seek clues about Quina's disappearance.

There is a note left by Quina in Chief Adaro's House.  The brief message gives some indication of Quina's likely destination, and perhaps her motiviations. Other Cassardians can be consulted to try to get a better picture of what happened.

Make for the Witchwood[]

During the journey to the Witchwood, some challenging enemies will likely be encountered. Take the opportunity in Cassardis and in the Encampment to acquire new skills and equipment, if possible, before setting out.

To reach the Witchwood, travel beyond The Encampment and take a left at the fork on Manamia Trail. Be ready to fight Wolves here. Walk up the mountain by following the trail. At the top of the mountain lies a large Boulder accompanied by two smaller ones. Upon approach, the boulders will come tumbling down the path, so be certain to avoid them.

At the top of the mountain and along the path there will be several groups of either Bandits or Wolfs, depending on whether it is day or night. If these foes prove too tough they can be run past to avoid them - they won't pursue the Arisen into the Witchwood.

Upon entering the woods, a short scene shows Quina further down the path. She will ask the Arisen to accompany her to the Witch's House.

Seek Out the Witch[]

The witch Quina seeks lives in the center of the woods. The fog in this area is magickal, and may be removed by destroying glowing Fog Talismans found throughout the Witchwood. The first one is found a little further down the path, directly across the creek. (Once the Talisman is destroyed some of the fog will clear, making the map readable as well)

If pawns have prior knowledge of this quest, they will be of good help in finding the Witch's House, otherwise proceed methodically and carefully. 

Quina guides the way, at first walking towards the creek. Follow her and then continue down the path, and destroy the first fog talisman. There are three more fog talismans to destroy, but they do not need to be shattered in order to reach the Witch's House.

Finding the right path might prove tricky. A way to navigate this part of the woods is to keep to the left following the path until reaching a fallen tree acting as a natural bridge above the road. When this tree is in sight, go left into the brush, but do not go under the tree. There will be a boulder which can be used to climb up to the fallen tree.  

Use the tree to cross over the road. At its roots will be a Large Coin Pouch. Beware of lunging wolves in the area as they might attack Quina. There are also Spiders around which can inflict Poison and Torpor.  

Quina will assist in combat with Anodyne and Ingle. She will heal the party if one party member falls below half health, but she will not heal herself if she is the only one injured.  

Once across the fallen tree, take a left (south on the map) and follow the path heading south-east. The last fog talisman is found hanging in a tree to the right; take care for there is a Wolf ambush here. Continue on this path until the Witch's House is reached. 

Approach the Witch's House through the clearing. Once there Quina will points out that this is the place she's been looking for. Take the wooden stairs up to the cottage and go inside, and meet the sole inhabitant, Selene.

Report Back to the Village Chief[]

After meeting Selene, Quina will return to Cassardis alone, via a shortcut to Seabreeze Trail. There's no penalty for taking the items in the Witch's hut which may include a Ring of Gules, Ring of Azure, or a Thunderclap in the chest; as well as Bronze Idol which sits on a nearby window sill.

Exit the cottage to see Quina running north. Follow her, and go back to Cassardis.

Once in Cassardis, speak to Chief Adaro to complete the quest.



  • Skipping or failing this quest will cause several questlines and an area of the Witchwood to be unavailable during the remainder of the game.
    • The actual point of failure is upon receiving the Wyrm Hunt License from Ser Duncan at the Pawn Guild door having done the tasks of Lure of the Abyss.
    • Even if Quina has been 'rescued' from the Witchwood, the party should return to Cassardis to complete the quest - completing Lure of the Abyss with Quina rescued, but her rescue unreported to Adaro also causes the quest to be terminated.
    • (BUG) With the Everfall explored and Lure of the Abyss completed, this quest will be rendered uncompleteable - Adaro will not acknowledge Quina's return. (This state can only be reached by ferrystoning out of the Everfall to avoid Ser Duncan).
  • If Chief Adaro dies the quest will fail.
  • Quina will not leave the woods until she has met Selene.
  • The Witchwood can be difficult to navigate with the magickal fog whiting out the map, however by keeping to the high ground to avoid the more convoluted paths and heading mainly east, the Arisen should eventually find Selene's hut.
  • Before going to the Witchwood, it is recommended to have a Gransys Herb in the party's inventory. After completing this quest, Selene will turn it into a Herb Ale, which is the item required in the quest Witch's Brew, found in Gran Soren later on. 
  • (BUG) In Dragon's Dogma the quest won't initiate properly if Witchwood is entered from the rear entrance. Quina will not be there, although pawns will still say that a woman is ahead. Entry into the Witchwood the rear entrance is difficult and requires levitating or other special techniques.
    • Exiting Witchwood and re-entering through the front entrance will fix this.
  • (BUG) In Dragon's Dogma don't start Adaro's escort quest Guardsman Sought at the same time as this quest - a bug causes the Arisen to be unable to speak with Adaro regarding Quina's returning regardless if the escort quest is finished, X amount of time has passed, or even killing Adaro.
    • No solution has been found.  Do not start both quests at the same time!