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Loose is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Fires equipped bow. Can execute while moving."

Fire a single arrow - like all Core Skills using Loose does not expend Stamina.


  • Can be shot whilst jumping, and can gain an Eminence boost.
  • There are separate skills for Shortbows and Longbows
  • Generally the usual reason to use either skill is to continue ranged attacks whilst restoring stamina; however both have moderate stagger and knockdown properties.


  • Though the Shortbow and Longbow attacks do low damage compared to the commonly used multistrike skills, they still have some uses:
    • Scaling with Bow or Longbow strength is generally better than the multistrike skills meaning they are better able to Defense Break against foes with high Defense
    • The scaling with weapon Magick (including magick from Weapon Enchantment) is somewhat better than the multistrike skills, making the core skill a potential better choice when trying to damage physically resistant foes like Ghosts as well.
    • Not only is Stamina not consumed when using Loose, it also regenerates.
    • Loose has fairly good knockback power, whereas the multistrike skills can only stagger.
  • Many of the support and debilitation bow shots like Shriek Dart, Plegic Arrow, or Invasive Arrow have about the same power per shot.

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