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Living Armor is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Living Armors are huge animated suits of armor, haunted by an ominous blue light emanating through the cracks in their armor. It is said that they are a collection of souls who have died holding grudges or regrets, manifested into a single physical entity of sorrow and rage. They will not stop, even if the armor binding them is destroyed."
―Official description [translation] [1]

Living Armors can be found on Bitterblack Isle. They utilize advanced sword techniques from both the Fighter and Mystic Knight vocations; they wield a sword modeled after Saving Grace in one hand and a shield similar to Dragon's Faith in the other.

Base Experience of 35,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Bitterblack Isle



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
82000 3300 660 1350 1500 / 300 †  ??
70% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 40%
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen ( and in-game testing.
Magick Defense in the spectral form is much reduced


Attack Type Description
Compass Slash Phys

Spins with its blade extended, slicing through multiple foes with a huge range.

Stone Forest Mag

Channels magick into earth, causing powerful pillars of stone to erupt around it. Can lift targets off the ground, knocking them down, and may inflict Burning.

Takedown Phys

Releases a stabbing strike straight forward and appends a tackle to a forceful jab. 

Hindsight Sweep Phys

Quickly ducks back before countering with a slashing charge.

Shield Strike Phys

Slams close-ranged targets with its massive shield, knocking them back and breaking their guard.

Antler Toss Phys

Lowers itself and then drags its blade skyward in a deadly arc, sends targets into the air. 

Onslaught Phys

Performs a three-hit combo with its sword.

Broad Slash Phys

Repositions itself around its target while cutting a broad swath with its sword, potentially hitting around its target's shield.

Downthrust Phys

Slams the pommel of its sword down on the ground, crushing anyone standing directly in front of it. This attack is completely unblockable.



  • The external armor is more effectively damaged with physical strikes and will break off once the Living Armor's health reaches halfway.
    • It is recommended to use physical attacks at first to remove the armor, then switch to enchanted weapons and spells.
    • Magick users should initially use spells with a physical component, such as Bolide, Seism, or Gicel.
    • High Frigor partially goes around its block.
  • The inner spectral aura can only be damaged by magick and enchanted weapons, similar to other ghostly enemies.
  • Susceptible to thundershock from lightning spells like Levins (if not blocked).
  • Susceptible to fall damage.
    • When fighting in the Sparyard of Scant Mercy, the Arisen can stand on the edge by the entrance from The Bloodless Stockade. Luring the Living Armor with ranged attacks or having it chase the Arisen up the staircase may cause the Living Armor to leap off of the edge, causing massive damage.
    • Lure the Living Armor to the edge of a cliff, get behind it and use a skill with high knockdown like Terrible Bend, or Dragon's Maw to inflict heavy fall damage or death.
  • Their large shields will nullify many attacks - the best time to inflict damage is when they have just finished an attack or when distracted by pawns.
  • Living Armors are also vulnerable from the rear as their shields do not protect their backs.


  • Frontal attacks will be knocked down by its Shield Strike counterattack, or by their Perfect Blocking.
  • A red aura glowing around their head whilst the Armor stands indicates it is charging the dangerous Stone Forest attack - either avoid the spell, or attempt to interrupt it.
  • Be wary near cliff edges, as the Living Armor's attacks can easily knock the Arisen and pawns off the edge to their deaths.
  • Living Armors have very high knockdown capability. Instant Reset will quickly return the Arisen back to the feet. Use the dagger skill Forward Roll to dodge its attacks.
  • Skills with invincibiilty frames, such as Dragon's Maw and Full Moon Slash can be used as a defensive move to avoid incoming attacks.
  • If facing multiple Living Armors, try luring them out one or two at a time to limit the size of the skirmish. Living Armors tend to hold their positions until an enemy approaches their personal space, so lure one away then fall back to engage them one at a time.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full information, refer to the Bestiary page or the corresponding section on the Phantom page.

Enemy specific :

  • Break armor once half HP has been reached
  • Attack from behind when it is blocking with its shield

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Living Armors either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

Pawn chatter

"Over there! Living Armor!"
"Rgh, damn their shields! Strike from the rear!"
"Let's circle round the back!"
"The armor is sundered?"
"Physical attacks no longer work!"
"What evil dwells within that armor?!"
"It's every blow is fearsome strong!"
"Such raw evil!"
"Aim for their backs!"
" 'Tis quite skilled with blade!"



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