Liquid Vim is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A medicine what wholly prevents one's Stamina from draining for a period of time."

Liquid Vim is a rare potion that when used completely negates Stamina consumption for 45 seconds. As such it allows unlimited sprinting, climbing, spell casting and use of skills during that time without heed to Stamina.


The Everfall (Post-Dragon)
  • Can be bought from Joye or Delec for 4,900 Gold. Both merchants stock two Liquid Vims at a time, which restock every week.
  • They are a fairly common drop from various crates and objects as well as enemies. The chest at the very top end of the Everfall's entrance will either drop an Interventive or Liquid Vim.
  • Quite common from both the chests within the Chamber of Lament, on the embankments on either side of the arena.
Bitterblack Isle
Master Thief


Product of

Item Item Product
Ambrosial Meat + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim
Sour Ambrosial Meat + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim
Giant Fish + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim
Giant Rank Fish + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim
Imperial Acid + Unspeakable Meat = Liquid Vim


  • Pawns rarely use Liquid Vim in Gransys, but they will do so on Bitterblack Isle when in very heavy battle.
    • This is determined by threat level. A single pawn may then use multiple bottles of Liquid Vim simultaneously, quickly depleting the party's supply.
  • Gamble Draw and Great Gamble can be fired while Liquid Vim is in effect, but damage is greatly reduced (to less than from a single Quick-Loose arrow), as the damage dealt by these two Skills is proportional to Stamina loss, which is prevented altogether with the use of Liquid Vim.
  • In Dragon's Dogma, the Assassin skill Invisibility combined with Liquid Vims rendered the Arisen virtually indestructible, and was useful against major foes such as the Ur-Dragon.
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