Lightning (also: Thunder) is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


Lightning is one of the five Archmagicks - attacks involving lightning are generally quick in action, with a tendency to chain or ricochet to another target.

A creature drenched in water will take extra damage when hit by lightning. Lightning attacks have a chance to inflict the secondary debilitation known as Thundershock - chain lightning between foes and objects, which often causes knockdown or stunning. Lightning attacks generally have a good chance to stun.

Creature resistances

For a list, see List of Creature Elemental and Melee Resistances.

Of the large creatures in Gransys, Cyclopes and Cockatrices are noticeably weak to lightning, whilst Griffins are highly resistant, as are Wyverns. Skeletons and Undead also show noticeable resistance, and Phantasms are immune to thunder based damage.

Most other common foes and mundane creatures in Gransys show no particular weakness or resistance to thunder.

Spells, Skills and Equipment

Spells and Skills
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