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Light Iron Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


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Core pieces
Alternative pieces

The Light Iron Armor Set is a set of iron based armor suitable for dagger users, and more lightly armored sword vocations. The set comprises armor pieces of leather reinforced with iron plates, strips or rings.

The entire set is only wearable by bow using vocations, the skirt and headwear are wearable by all melee vocations. The parts wearable by sword users give good magick resistance, and would form a useful part of a Mystic Knight's armor outfit.

The set as a whole gives resistance to fire, sleep and skill stifling - the skirt in an exception, giving ice resistance instead of fire and sleep - probably due to the chainmail component.

The Riveted Boots are to a similar design, but with copper, not iron plating.

A wide variety of underclothes are suitable; the Light Chain Clothing Set is a good match in terms of weight, design, quality and defense. The plain Gambeson matches the fabric used in the Iron Headgear.