Lewes is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A teenager from Cassardis who is utterly fascinated by the world beyond his village's gate."

A curious boy at the beginning of the game, Lewes wants to venture out and explore the world outside of Cassardis. He goes as far as stealing religious scriptures to learn about history just before the Dragon's attack (Harbinger of Destruction), and needs the Arisen's help finding the book again during the quest Lost Faith.

After the attack, Lewes decides to remain in Cassardis to avoid the increasing monster attacks outside of the walls.

Lewes is fascinated and envious of the Arisen's adventures, and asks of them and the outside world at every stage in the adventure.

Lewes lives with Merin and Mayra, in a Fisherman's House just north of the Arisen's own abode.



  • "I always figured I'd grow up and take up the net; be a fisherman, just like my pa... But not anymore! I'll be an Arisen like you, and travel the land, slaying foul creatures and aiding all who suffer!"
  • "Your travels ever take you far north of here? They says across the mountains there's a path to the mainland."
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