Leg-Strength is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Renders your rank lighter for purpose of mobility."

Leg-Strength improves mobility. It increases movement speed (when jogging or walking) by one level in encumbrance - thus a character with average encumbrance will jog as fast as if they had light encumbrance if they equip leg-strength as an augment.

Stamina use during running is also improved - a character with leg-strength equipped uses stamina at a lower rate when running than one without. As with walking and jogging, the relative reduction is by one level in encumbrance.

"Ultra-Light" encumbrance

Characters with the least encumbrance are classed as being at a "very-light" level, - if leg-strength is equipped, this encumbrance level is reduced still further - sometimes described as "ultra-light".

This has two effects - stamina consumption when running is reduced still further - an Arisen can sprint for a noticeably longer distance before becoming fully exhausted.

Additionally jogging speed is also increased, but only by a small amount; very light and light encumbrances have jog speeds within 3% of one another - a very lightly encumbered character with leg strength equipped moves only very slightly faster - about 3% faster, than one without.

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  • The improvements from this augment are much more noticeable when a character is more encumbered.
  • The effects of this augment are exactly "what it says on the tin" - for purposes of mobility, the augment makes the equipped seem one rank lighter; thus :
    • Doesn't improve stamina regeneration
    • Doesn't reduce stamina use when using skills.
  • Works with pawns just as with Arisen.
  • Stacks with Dreamwing Nostrum
  • The displayed encumbrance (or encumbrance color) in menus is unchanged.
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