Leaping Stone is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Stepping Stone. Kicks forward from an extended range, then jumps off the target, high into the air."

An advanced version of Stepping Stone. Becomes Soaring Stone with a suitable Strider's Ring or Band equipped.


Stepping Stone Leaping Stone Soaring Stone
Height Medium High Medium
Damage none damages
Effects Stagger Knocks-up
Dagger debilitations doesn't inflict can inflict
  • Activates the augment Eminence.
  • One may launch off Creatures, People, Pawns , Treasure Chests, Explosive Barrels, Ore deposits, Portcrystal, crates, boxes and other destructible environmental objects (e.g. a pillar or bookcase) as a launching target.
    • Doesn't destroy objects like Crates and Explosive Barrels when jumped off.
  • The leap of Stepping Stone and Leaping Stone itself does no damage, even to Rabbits.
    • Kicking people in Gran Soren is still considered a crime.
    • The kick off of Soaring Stone does damage, but never kills outright a foe.
  • Jumping off foes may Stagger and so interrupt them if they are spellcasting.
  • Jumping off foes that are blocking will break their guard and create an opening.
  • A jumping heavy attack is a basic follow up to this skill.
  • Useful in combination with Helm / Skull / Brain Splitter. This skill will self-catapult the Arisen off of any base to easily reach enemy heads and hearts.
  • Useful for gaining height when attacking large foes, such as a Cyclops.
  • Leaping Stone has the highest jump, whilst Soaring Stone adds some directional control in the air.
  • (BUG) Pawns will almost exclusively use these skills, with no follow-up, on skeletal enemies. When used on other enemies pawns will, again, rarely follow it up.

Accessing the inaccessible

  • At Bitterblack Isle Harbor, it is possible to launch from the resting bench next to Olra to reach the chest above. This skill can help to reach the higher levels of the harbor before unlocking the gates from within the mountain. (Stepping Stone can only reach the wooden platform but not higher)
  • At The Abbey these skills can be used to gain access to the bell tower of the church.
  • In Moonsbit Pass this skill simplifies access to the chest on the wooden platform inside the southern gate.


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