Leaper's Ledge is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A secluded area which has the looks of an ancient battle site. It is well hidden within Soulflayer Canyon and contains a great deal of weaponry from battles fought long ago.

Leaper's ledge is filled with weapon and armor piles and some chests. All of them potentially containing high quality equipment.

After the quest Honor and Treachery a Cockatrice will fly here, after which a cockatrice becomes a regular resident.

Finding Leapers ledge

Travel to the second-most lowermost open area of the Canyon proper (reached by a rock tunnel from the lowest area - where Sulfur Saurians and Phantasms are found).

Then head (north)west on the inclined path across the canyon - that is - in the opposite direction to the small stream that runs down the path.

The path leads to a wooden ladder leading upward to further platforms and to the western exit.. Instead of going up, go west round the rock face -this leads to a rock slide down to leaper ledge.

Alternatively, Leapers ledge can be reached by good jumpers from the open area on the opposite side of the canyon, where phantasms and sulfur saurian are found. An easy jump with levitate from the southwest edge of this water filled area should give a landing on the eastern most edge of Leapers Ledge, near to a high quality chest.


Leapers Ledge Items

The area is filled with good items.

Treasure Chests may contain:

  1. Almace, Terminal Gyre, Animistic Robe
  2. Triple Tooth

Weapon/Armor Piles may reveal :

  1. Kunai
  2. Master's Bracers
  3. Plucked Heart
  4. Harspud Juice
  5. Alchemickal HosenAlchemick Vest / Misshapen Eye
  6. Crowned HoodPleached Limbs
  7. Rusted Archistaff

Above gather spots may also yield Argence, as well as Imperial Acid, Secret Softener, Seeker's Token, Large and Giant Coin Pouches. There is also some loot concealed in the piles of hay or debris in the area (possible remains of a Cockatrice nest).

For loot in the wider area see Soulflayer Canyon § Loot


  • Occasionally pawns may make a massive "leap of faith" at this location, returning them to the rift - the reasons for this behaviour are unknown.