Launchboard is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Springboard that uses the shield to launch allies to greater heights."

An advanced version of Springboard.


  • The Arisen may use this skill to propel pawns onto climbable enemies like Gorecyclops, Daimon, and Dragons.
  • Launched pawns may use an in-air heavy core attack if they don't grab onto something (approximately every other time)
  • Pawns will not attempt to access high ledges or treasure etc. with the skill, nor can then be compelled to use it on command.
  • Fighter pawns equipped with this skill will use it to propel allies skyward onto airborne foes- and  allies propelled thus will automatically grab onto the hovering foe, which can be strategically deleterious if the Arisen had no initial desire to be launched in this manner.
  • When adventuring solo this skill can be held indefinitely- press [jump] to cancel.

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