Large Nut is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A large nut that could serve as an improvised meal. Consume it to recover a bit of Health."

Restores 60 Health.


A common item is Gransys, oft found by destroying a barrels, crates, boxes and pottery, as well as from gather spots in logs, bushes or sacks.

Sold by Reynard in limited amounts.

Can be stolen from Giant Bats and Deer using Master Thief.


3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Large Nut + Harspud Milk = Cloudwine
Large Nut + Harspud Juice = Balmy Perfume
Large Nut + Harspud Sauce = Balmy Incense


  • Large nuts are important combining materials but unfortunately are not sold anywhere in great numbers, and must be gathered over time.
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