Kindling is an item available in Dragon's Dogma. When lit in a fire kindling becomes a throwable torch.


"A piece of wood used for starting fires. Light it in the bonfire, and it should serve as a torch."

Whilst holding Kindling the Arisen is unable to attack or sprint, hence it's always best to resort to a Lantern for lighting one's way.

Once Kindling has been turned into a Torch, it can be thrown at an enemy to set them on fire; if it hits one who has previously been tarred in oil, the chance of setting them alight is increased. Goblins and Hobgoblins will also often try to use this strategy on the Arisen and their party.

Kindling is found throughout Gransys - common locations include beaches where it washes up; at gather spots in logs; and by smashing a Bird Nest. Also found near campfires and in caves. Kindling is also sold by Iola at Iola's House in Cassardis.


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Tray + Hoe = Kindling
Tray + Spade = Kindling
Wooden Board + Hoe = Kindling
Wooden Board + Spade = Kindling

Component to

Item Item Product
Kindling + Copper Ore = Pickaxe
Kindling + Iron Blade Piece = Pickaxe
Kindling + Unremarkable Ore = Pickaxe
Kindling + Poison Flask = Poison Arrow x5
Kindling + Flask of Oil = Oil Arrow x5

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