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Josias is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A citizen of Gran Soren. He is charged with tending to the fields. He cares little about the dragon and instead, focuses on the job at hand."

May be found in the Fields of Gran Soren.



  • "I've borne scorching suns and wicked storms, but this dragon's a fury unknown to me. Aye, this wyrm what everyone's on about reminds me of the weather, like. Some days ye know what's comin'. And some days ye wake up with snow on your toes and naught but dead crops."
  • "Saw a storm once what had purple lightning. 'Twas the dragon's mischief, I thought. Some fancy scholar came after with a talk about clouds and air and whattaya 'ave. I made the lad stop afore the maker struck 'im down."
  • "Truth be told, any talk of the dragon sets me on edge, it does..."

During The Cypher

  • "What do I know of the old writings? Less than I know of modern script and I never learned me letters! Alas, I'm a man of the sword, not the quill. Ask a scrivener. Or a counterfeiter, else."