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Jewel of Vicissitude is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A magickal gem infused with the power to boost one's vitality."

On use, a spell is cast that supplies the target with a degree of Health regeneration, alike to that of a single-use of the secondary Health regeneration of Grand Anodyne.

The Arisen and any ally in close proximity when the jewel is used will receive a healing aura for one minute upon use restoring a great deal of health. This will not heal past the white recoverable health.


Can be bought from Mathias or Akim.

Can also be found in chests in the following locations:

May be dropped by a Chimera or Gorechimera on death or on destroying the Goat head.

Can also be stolen from a Harpy or Chimera using Master Thief.


  • Terrain and other obstacles between the Arisen and any ally will result in the ally not receiving the healing aura.
  • The healing rate of this jewel is 18 health per second, allowing regeneration of up to 1080 health.
  • The healing sigil of an Anodyne like spell can be generated with Jewel of Health.