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Jasper Blossom is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A stunning flower found in the thick vegetation of the deep forest. Combine it with other materials to produce aught of use."

Restores 30 Health.

Found throughout the Deos Hills region, particularly along the road west of the Old Garrison that leads to the main northern entrance to The Catacombs

Favored by Symone.


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Jasper Blossom + Crimson Concoction = Bottled Haste
Jasper Blossom + Destiny Grass = Bottled Haste
Jasper Blossom + Sunbright = Sweet Pollen x2
Jasper Blossom + Kept Sunbright = Sweet Pollen x2
Jasper Blossom + Chaffstem = Throat Drops
Jasper Blossom + Cragwort = Verdigris Concoction
Jasper Blossom + Lava Flower = Verdigris Concoction