Iraklis is a DLC weapon available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A longsword decorated with a bold-looking horn. Causes its wielder to take more damage and use more stamina, but at times deals crushing blows to enemies."

With Iraklis equipped, Stamina use, both for skills and running, is increased by 50%; and the damage the wielder takes is also increased by 50%.

The attack power of this longsword is reduced to around one ninth for normal hits, but will randomly strike with a Critical Hit with the attack power of the sword multiplied nearly nine times - criticals occur roughly every one in four hits.

This sword is the matching weapon for the Hero's Armor Set.

In Dragon's Dogma it can be obtained through a purchase of the Weapon Pack: The Debilitator; in Dark Arisen as well as in the original game it can be bought from The Black Cat.


Component Damage
'Normal' Critical
Base skill 1x
Core strength 1x
Weapon strength 0.1x 9x
Equipment 0.1x 9x
Enchantments 0.1x 9x
Values as modified for Damage Calculation

Physical damage from skills and core skills is made up of several components: core skill attack power (usually small, around 100, but very large for skills like Arc of Obliteration); Core Strength based attack power; weapon attack power; and additional boosts from equipment. The total attack power is a sum of these factors, with the relative proportions of each dependent on the skill used.

With Iraklis the attack power of the sword is reduced to one tenth (0.1x) of its given value under normal conditions, meaning that most of the power of an attack comes from either the wielder's core strength, or from the innate power of the skill used.

However, when a strike with Iraklis causes a critical hit (or "crushing blow" ) the attack power of the weapon is increased (up to) by nearly nine times (9x) - meaning in most cases almost all of the power of the attack derives from the strength of the sword.

The core strength of a skill and core strength of the wielder are unmodified by Iraklis.


If Iraklis is given a weapon enchantment then the weapon gains magickal damage which is also reduced or multiplied by the same factors depending on whether a critical strike occurs or not.

Augments, and other boosts

Strength and magick boosting equipment, including armor (like Golden Belt), and rings (like Baleful Nails), also have their effects diminished or multiplied dependent on whether a critical strike occurs or not.

Boosting augments (like Clout), and Status Effects, both debilitations and invigorations (like Strength Boosted) that affect attack power remain as normal whether or not a critical hit occurs.


DDicon warriorRangerNSorcererN

Once properly upgraded, the weapon's capability for powerful criticals enable it to rival even the highest tiers of longswords, as it can and will at times deliver surprising amounts of damage, often outright slaying a non-boss enemy every few attacks swung.

To enhance its capabilities to dish out a critical, attacks that hit multiple times are the most viable options. Other skills become much better to use and even skills that were once quite mediocre, become powerful and usable.

To maximize the likelihood of a critical hit fast and multi-strike attacks can be used - these include the jumping heavy attack, and the Indomitable Lunge. Skills that have very high base skill damage (such as Arc of Might which has base attack power of over 9000) show much smaller increases (typically about +20%) in damage with criticals as the weapon's strength is so much less important.

Although the average attack power is comparable the with strongest weapons, Iralkis' stagger and knockdown power are inferior - thus equipment such as Barbed Nails may be a necessary choice.


Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 30,200 G 104,000 G
Silverwheat Paste x5
317,400 G
Tagilus's Miracle x5
Click here for
5,400 RC
Shattered Earth Tome x2
7,400 RC
Godly Analeptic x5
Strength 105 157 220 304 440 698 885
Magick 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Slash Strength 100%
Bludgeoning Strength 0%
Stagger Power 118 118 174 [160] ‡ 261 [228] ‡ 325 [304] ‡ 339 401
Knockdown Power 118 118 174 [160] ‡ 261 [228] ‡ 325 [304] ‡ 339 401
Element -
Debilitations - - - - - - -
Weight 6.22 6.22 5.91 5.29 4.66 4.67 4.67
‡ - changes in Dark Arisen in brackets.

Enhancement Item Locations



  • The critical power can make the difference between not being able to damage a foe and damaging it greatly.
  • The effect on weapon strength is not noted in any statistic in menus.
  • The weapon attack power increase on a critical seems to be exactly or very nearly 8.9x
    • The weapon attack power decrease on a non-critical is roughly one tenth (0.1x), and has suggested to be 1/8.9 (0.112..) times i.e. divide by 8.9
    • For details on tests showing the 8.9 times relationship see "Irakiss or Irakill"  via
    • In terms of Damage Calculation the multiplier only affects the weapon, any secondary equipment, and temporary enchantments. Thus high strength characters or skills with high innate power do not get additional benefit from criticals.
    • Damage deriving from core Strength is not increased during critical hits
  • Unlike debilitations the chance to critical with this sword appears to be genuinely random, and independent of the enemy struck.
    • The critical chance is at least 1 in 4 (25%) and seems to be slightly higher, up to 2 in 7.
  • If enchanted with a Pact spell the magick attack power can reach nearly 400, meaning that on a critical hit the magick damage can be significant - magick boosting rings and equipment also boost magickal critical damage.
  • The cumulative averaged damage of this weapon is considered nearly as good, or even better than, the strongest longsword available - the Devil's Nail.


  • Fall Damage is not affected
  • In Dark Arisen, this weapon can be gifted to another Pawn.
  • Dark enchanted weapons such as Rooted Gloom also can give dark magick based 'Critical Hit'.
  • The Iraklis has a significantly higher-pitched swinging sound when compared to average longswords.
  • This is by far is the easiest DLC Weapon to be upgraded.
  • The word "Iraklis" is a Greek name (Ηρακλής), from the ancient mythological hero Herakles (Hercules). Herakles derives from the words "Hera" (the Greek goddess, "Ira" in Greek) and "kleos" (glory), meaning "glory of Hera". Sources : Wikipedia:Heracles, Iraklis or Herakles (, Heracles (


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